• Will my eyelash tint worsen my pinguecula?


    I have a pinguecula on one eye and what looks like the beginning of one on the other. My optometrist has informed me about them and I know that they are not harmful unless they become irritating. Occasionally, I tint my eyelashes. I do this carefully and am aware of the risks of chemical exposure to my eyes. Could exposure to chemicals make my pinguecula worse? I understand that my pinguecula is likely due to exposure to dust and wind but want to make sure that eyelash tint would not worsen my pinguecula.


    Chemicals can aggravate a pinguecula by making it more red, but in this case they likely have not caused significant worsening since dust, wind, dry eyes and UV light are the worst irritants to a pinguecula. The lash tint is unlikely to worsen the problem.

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