• Will my IOLs work in tandem with my contact lenses after cataract surgery?


    I am 29 and I have cataracts. I work with computers, so I’ve decided to get an under-corrected monofocal intraocular lensfor near vision. Currently, I wear contacts to see far. I also wear these contacts while I work on my computer. After cataract surgery, will I still be able to wear contacts to see far and see my computer at the same time? In other words, will my IOLs work in tandem with my contacts lenses or would I need them taken off to see my computer?


    These are common choices that all cataract patients need to make. You may want to consider an extended depth-of-focus lens. This will give you a continuous focus from close, intermediate (computer), and far away—perhaps requiring reading glasses for very fine print or in dim lighting. If you go with under-correction, you will need bifocals to see both near and distance at the same time. Contacts can be worn, but unless you wear multifocal contacts, which do not work for everyone, you can either see far or near, not both. Another option is monovision—one eye for distance and one eye for near or intermediate, but not all people adapt to this choice. You should discuss these options in detail with your cataract surgeon.

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