• 5 Steps to Healthy Contact Lens Use

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    Edited By: Dan Gudgel
    May. 31, 2016

    • Do you love your contact lenses?
    • Do they help you see well, without heavy glasses on your face?
    • Are sports more carefree because of your contacts?
    • Do your contact lenses better show off your good looks?

    Like all good relationships, the connection between you and your contacts is a partnership. Follow these 5 tips for treating your contact lenses well and get healthy, enjoyable long-term use from them.

    1. Rub Lenses When Cleaning Them


    Wash your hands before cleaning your contacts. Place the lens in a clean palm with fresh, store-bought solution. Rubbing the lens as you clean it loosens the protein and bacteria that builds up. Even if your solution says “No Rub,” studies have proven that rubbing the lenses is one of the best methods to decrease eye infections. 

    2. Rinse

    Drawing of an amoeba as seen under microscope magnification.

    Always rinse and store your contact lenses in store-bought solution. Home-made saline contains dangerous parasites that can blind you. 

    3. Rest

    Woman in bed with smart phone rubbing eyes

    Give your eyes a break from your contact lenses from time to time. Sleeping in contact lenses makes it much more likely that you’ll get an eye infection.

    4. Renew

    Two open contact lens packages near a pile of unopened packages.

    Don’t extend the life of your contacts by wearing them too long. Only keep the lenses as long as recommended by your prescriber. For example, one-month contact lenses should only be used for 30 days after opening the package.

    5. Reserve

    early protection

    Get an appointment reserved with an ophthalmologist. The American Academy of Ophthalmology can help you Find an Ophthalmologist near you.

    Bottom line: Be good to your contact lenses and they will be good to you.