• Free Eye Health Curriculum Guides for Distance Learning

    Edited By: Anni Delfaro
    Apr. 22, 2020

    Engaging Tools for Eye Health and Science Education

    As students, teachers and parents transition to distance learning, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and its Truhlsen-Marmor Museum of the Eye invite families and educators to take advantage of fun, free curriculum to teach children about eye health and the science of vision. 

    The Museum of Vision offers curriculum guides on the following topics:

    • Healthy Eyes, Healthy Body will teach children about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their whole body, including their eyes. To have healthy eyes and good vision, you need a healthy body. In fact, an ophthalmologist can often tell a lot about your overall health just by examining your eyes. The effects of certain diseases can be seen through a complete eye exam. There are important steps you can take to keep your body strong which will also go a long way toward preserving your vision. Here you will discover what it takes to keep your eyes and body healthy. This curriculum was created for Let's Move! Museum & Gardens, a national initiative to teach kids about healthy choices.
    • Eye Openers: Exploring Optical Illusions helps educators teach basic concepts of vision. Can you believe your eyes? Not always. Here you will discover that eyes are just the beginning of our fascinating visual system. That system includes the brain, which can be fooled into seeing things that aren’t there. Learn how by exploring some eye opening optical illusions.
    • Art and Vision: Seeing in 3-D helps educators teach basic concepts of vision and visual techniques that create the illusion of depth. Have you ever wondered how artists create a convincing illusion of depth in their paintings and drawings? You might think it's because of their outstanding talent, but you would only be partly right. Early in the 15th century, artists developed special visual techniques that helped them make a flat surface appear to have depth. Let's explore how they do it and learn the connection between art and vision science.

    Intended for children ages 10 to 14, each curriculum guide can be downloaded free of charge. Learn more about our Museum of the Eye curriculum guides.