• Academy’s Appeal for Access to Compounded Drugs Spurs New FDA Interest

    The Academy’s nonstop pursuit of access to compounded treatments for office use continued this week at the Food and Drug Administration. We met with agency leaders to reiterate how current policies prevent patients’ access to necessary compounded treatments. Academy Federal Affairs Secretary David B. Glasser, MD, presented ophthalmology’s case for traditional 503A compounding pharmacies to supply treatments without patient-specific prescriptions. In response, the FDA asked for our data on specific drugs we’re having trouble accessing from outsourcing facilities. 

    Dr. Glasser spoke on why our needs are so urgent. Since traditional pharmacies require patient-specific prescriptions for compounded drugs, they cannot provide drugs for office use. He stressed that immediate access can be the difference between sight and blindness. These are rare-but-urgent cases when on-hand compounded treatments are needed. 

    The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and the American Society of Retina Specialists also participated in the meeting. 

    The FDA meeting is the latest in the Academy’s ongoing efforts to sway the highest levels of government on the needs for preserving access to compounded treatments. In January, Academy President-elect George A. Williams, MD, testified before Congress that the existing outsourcing mechanism prevents physicians from getting some office-based antibiotics. 

    View Dr. Williams’ testimony

    Take Two Simple Steps to Strengthen Ophthalmology’s Case for Access to Compounded Treatments

    You can impact our ability to effectively fight for timely access to compounded treatments. 

    1. Start by sending a letter to Congress. Our online advocacy tool makes it easy to urge your federal lawmaker to support legislation that will ensure timely access to compounded drugs for office-use.
    2. Tell us if you’re having trouble accessing compounded treatments. Email Scott Haber, the Academy’s government affairs representative. This information will be shared with the FDA.