• Academy Secures Clarification of Avastin Exemption from New Affinity Prior Authorizations

    Affinity Health Plan of New York will not require prior authorization for the ocular use of Avastin when a new preapproval process (PDF) takes effect Nov. 1.

    After the Academy sought answers on how the new prior authorization policy affects your patients, Affinity clarified the exemption for ophthalmic uses.

    Affinity’s notice encouraged the use of the biosimilar medications Mvasi and Zirabev instead of Avastin. But Mvasi and Zirabev don’t have U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for ophthalmic use. Affinity has made it clear that the new Avastin prior authorization requirement does not apply to ocular indications.

    Affinity’s action is one in a number of recent reversals and clarifications regarding prior authorization requirements for Avastin. In July, the insurer Aetna agreed to drop its month-old Avastin prior authorization requirement after the Academy raised objections about the threat to patient safety.

    The Academy is committed to challenging prior authorization burdens that could limit your patients’ access to sight-saving medicines. Particularly during the ongoing public health emergency, we’re doing all we can to defend you and your patients.