• FluidVision Accommodating IOL: 2 Years of Data

    With 24 months of data now available, the FluidVision IOL appears to be closer to fulfilling its promise as an IOL that is genuinely capable of mimicking natural accommodation.

    Louis D. “Skip” Nichamin, MD, presented study results during the Cataract Original Papers session on Sunday. The initial pilot study of 26 eyes was conducted in Pretoria, South Africa. With regard to follow-up, 24-month data are available on 16 of the eyes, while 18-month data are available on 19 eyes.

    Dr. Nichamin reported that patients were achieving 20/20 acuity across the range of vision (near, intermediate, and distance) with the FluidVision IOL. Moreover, the IOL provides a stable 3 to 4 D of accommodation, he said. However, uncorrected distance vision data were not available.

    Dr. Nichamin described the IOL as a “continuously variable monofocal” device. It uses the power of the ciliary body to pump fluid from the haptics to the optic. A larger study with up to 3 years of follow-up is under way.—Jean Shaw

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