• Meet the Orbital Gala’s Guest of Honor—Richard P. Mills, MD, MPH

    For more than 3 decades, Richard P. Mills, MD, MPH, has been an integral part of Academy leadership, most notably as EyeNet Magazine chief medical editor, EyeCare America chair, and Academy president. On Sunday, he is guest of honor at the Academy Foundation’s Orbital Gala.

    If you already have a ticket for tomorrow’s sold-out event, be sure to check out the silent auction. One of the special items available is Best Opinions Ever, which features all 146 of Dr. Mills’ EyeNet columns, including Hospital Diversification and Alice’s Restaurant?, Waste Not? Why Bother, More With Less: EyeNet Future IMHOs?, and At Meetings, How Often Do You Snooze?

    This hardcover 188-page volume is erudite, witty, and one of a kind—much like the honoree of this year’s Orbital Gala. 

    Only 1 copy is available! This unique item was originally created as a personal thank-you to Dr. Mills for his service to EyeNet and the Academy. (U.S. members can participate in the online auction online.)