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  • Panelists Name 2022's Best Original Papers

    During AAO 2022’s Original Papers sessions, the expert panels moderating those presentations each named the paper that they rate most highly, as shown below. Below are the winners that had been announced at the time we went to press. If you are registered for the meeting, you can view all this year’s paper presentations on the virtual meeting platform until Jan. 31, 2023.

    Cataract — Pa017: Clinical Outcomes and Complications in Patients Following IOL Exchange in the Setting of Open or Closed Capsule (Presenting author: Hasan Alsetri)

    Cataract — Pa019: One-Year Visual Outcomes Following Monocular Implantation With a Small Aperture IOL (Presenting author: Mark H. Blecher, MD)

    Cornea — Pa058: In Vivo Biomarkers of Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency (Presenting author: Clemence Bonnet, MD)

    Glaucoma (Session 1) — Pa004: Difference in 5-Year Visual Field Progression Between Cataract Surgery Combined With Schlemm Microstent and Cataract Surgery Alone (Presenting author: Gus Gazzard, FRCOphth, MA, MBBCHIR, MD)

    Glaucoma (Session 2) — Pa063: Participant Characteristics, Screening Results and Implementation Costs During the First Year of the MI-SIGHT Program (Presenting author: Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, MS)

    Neuro-Ophthalmology — Pa010: Clinical Neuroimaging of FL-41 Tinted Lenses Treatment on Neural Pathways of Photophobia in Patients With Chronic Ocular Pain (Presenting author: Nicholas Reyes, MD, MS)

    Ocular Pathology and Oculoplastics— Pa033 CT Imaging for TED: An AI Model (Presenting author: Paul Zhou, MD)

    Pediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus — Pa039: The Impact of ROP on Longitudinal Choroidal Development in Preterm Infants (Presenting author: Suzanne M. Michalak, MD)

    Refractive — Pa041: Comparative Localized Corneal Biomechanical Changes Following Laser Vision Correction Using Brillouin Microscopy (Presenting author: J. Bradley Randleman, MD)

    Retina (Session 1) — Pa025 ALK-001 (C20-D3-Vitamin A) Slows the Growth of Atrophic Lesions in ABCA4-Related Stargardt Disease: Results of a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial, the TEASE Study (Presenting author: Christine Nichols Kay, MD)

    Retina (Session 2) — Pa049: Improved Adherence to 2016 American Academy of Ophthalmology Hydroxychloroquine Dosing Guidelines With EMR-Based Decision Support Tool Implementation (Presenting author: Preeya Mehta, BA)

    Uveitis — Pa052: Long-Term VA Following Cataract Surgery in Uveitic Eyes (Presenting author: Sapna Gangaputra, MD, MPH)

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