• Quotable Ophthalmologist: Standard of Care, Anterior Segment, Vital Directions

    “The most important information of the day came from the nice young lady who was giving directions this morning. She said, ‘Retina Group that way, Attractive Group this way,’” said J. Bradley Randleman, MD, at the Refractive Surgery Subspecialty Day meeting.

    “Despite all of these devices and developments, I still pay the most attention to the anterior surface,” said Steven E. Wilson, MD, after a discussion of which method—Scheimpflug tomography, Placido and other reflection topography, or OCT of the anterior segment—is the most accurate for early detection of corneal ectasia.

    “I call it the standard of care that is hardly standardized,” said Parag A. Majmudar, MD, introducing his presentation on corneal collagen cross-linking.

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