• Your Meeting Story: Selwa Al-Hazzaa

    Attendees come to AAO 2015 for many reasons, from clinical updates to job interviews to reunions with classmates and friends. We'll share some of your stories each day throughout the meeting.

    Name: Selwa Al-Hazaa, MD, FRCS

    Specialty and position: Retina genetics; chair of ophthalmology at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center

    First meeting: 1986

    Why she became an ophthalmologist: "There was nothing else to choose from." At the time she finished medical school, ophthalmology was the only accredited residency program in Saudi Arabia. "It chose me," Dr. Al-Hazaa said. "Looking back, I do not regret it."

    Fun fact: When a royal decree required Saudia Arabia to include women in its Majlis Alshura (akin to the U.S. Senate). Dr. Al-Hazaa was chosen, making her the first ophthalmologist to serve on the legislatove body.