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    Can You Guess May's Mystery Condition?

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    May 2020 Blink


    Last Month’s Blink

    Congenital Cataract

    Written by Deepa Taranath, MBBS, MS, FRANZCO. Photo by Angela Chappell, CRA, OCT-C. Both are at Flinders Medical Centre Ophthalmology Department, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

    April 2020 Blink

    This patient is a member of a family that has congenital cataracts due to mutation in the BFSP1 gene. The non–visually significant anterior and posterior sutural cataract appears in a configuration resembling the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The opacities are best seen in retroillumi­nation during slit-lamp examination. None of the family members with such cataracts has impaired vision that requires surgical intervention.

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