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    Can You Guess May's Mystery Condition?

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    Make your diagnosis in the comments, and look for the answer in next month’s Blink.

    May 2018 Blink


    Last Month’s Blink

    Giant Conjunctival Melanoma

    Written by Carlos E. Chacon, MD, and Alexander Rabinovich, MD. Photo by Sergio Alfonso Garces Uribe, MD. All are at Maracaibo University Hospital, Zulia, Venezuela.

    April 2018 Blink

    A 24-year-old woman presented with a rapidly growing, painless, pigmented lesion of the conjunctiva (Fig. 1). Physical examination showed a mobile, dark brown lesion in the temporal conjunctiva near the corneal limbus (Figs. 2-3) that compromised palpebral closure. Ultrasound biomicroscopy was performed to obtain approximate measurements of the lesion and to determine its exact location for diagnostic and management considerations (Fig. 4). Diagnosis of giant conjunctival melanoma was made via excisional biopsy, and the patient was referred to the ocular oncology service.

    The differential diagnosis of this perilimbal lesion includes a large nevus and melanoma of the ciliary body with extraocular extension.

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