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    Congenital Eyelid Eversion

    By Sophocles Sophocleous, OD, MD, East Surrey Hospital, Redhill, England, and Wagih Aclimandos, MBChB, FRCS, King’s Col­lege Hospital, London
    Photo by Dr. Sophocleous

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    Congenital Eyelid Eversion

    A newborn presented with congenital eyelid eversion of the left eye (Fig. 1, at 1 day old) that spontaneously resolved within 1 week (Fig. 2, at 1 week old). Both eyes were other­wise normal on examination. Congenital eversion of the eyelids is a rare condition of unknown eti­ology. The upper eyelid is everted, with protrusion of edematous palpebral conjunctiva. It can be uni­lateral or bilateral. Double eversion of the eyelid is necessary to confirm that the eye anatomy beyond the lids is normal. Congenital eyelid eversion is generally a self-resolving condition that requires only topical lubricants to prevent desiccation of the exposed conjunctiva.

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