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  • Publications for This Year's AAO

    EyeNet Gets You Prepared for AAO 2020 Virtual

    EyeNet Selections

    AAO Daily

    With clinical highlights from Subspecialty Day and AAO 2020 Virtual, the AAO 2020 Daily email blast allows you to stay on top of the meeting news. Watch for a preview edition on Thursday, Nov. 12, followed by news roundups each evening, from Friday, Nov. 13, to Sunday, Nov. 15.

    EyeNet AAO 2020 News

    Get the scoop with the AAO 2020 News! The Academy’s convention tabloid tells the fun stories and provides interesting information about the meeting. Normally distributed at the convention center, this year it mails with the November EyeNet. A PDF is downloadable here starting Nov. 1.

    The Best of EyeNet

    For a convenient reference on the last year’s important advancements in two subspecialties, read EyeNet Selections. 

    Glaucoma 2020 (PDF, 2.4 MB)

    Retina 2020 (PDF, 3.3 MB)

    Learn at Lunchtime During AAO 2020 Virtual

    Be sure to catch one, two, or all three of the EyeNet Corporate Lunches on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    EyeNet Keeps You Up to Date Year Round

    Read the latest EyeNet and explore the archives.