• Glaucoma Procedure Preferences: When Surgeons Adopt the Patient Role

    Written By: Lynda Seminara
    Selected By: Deepak P. Edward, MD

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    If you were the patient, which glaucoma procedure would you prefer? Chang et al. surveyed the members of the Amer­ican Glaucoma Society (AGS) to deter­mine which glaucoma procedure they would prefer to have performed on themselves and then compared results with those of a previous AGS survey on practice preferences for hypothetical patient vignettes.

    For the present study, the authors distributed a survey electronically to AGS members, who completed it anonymously. Participants were asked to adopt the role of a patient who had open-angle glaucoma and progressive visual field loss requiring surgery. Three pre-op intraocular pressure (IOP) sce­narios were given (<21, 21-26, and >26 mm Hg), and respondents were asked to choose the glaucoma procedure(s) they would prefer to receive for each IOP scenario.

    Overall, 289 surgeons participat­ed (27.4% of active/provisional AGS members). The most preferred proce­dures, for the three IOP ranges com­bined, were ab interno trabeculotomy (20.3%), Xen gel stent (18.6%), iStent with two devices (14.3%), and tradi­tional trabeculectomy plus mitomycin C (14.1%). A significant number of participants would prefer procedures that spared the conjunctiva or did not result in bleb formation, even for the lowest pre-op IOP level. For all three IOP ranges, older surgeons were more likely than their younger counterparts to prefer traditional trabeculectomy and to have just one procedure.

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