• Heads-Up Display Improves Comfort for Cataract Surgeons

    By Lynda Seminara
    Selected By: Prem S. Subramanian, MD, PhD

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    Clinical Ophthalmology

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    Although heads-up digital visualization systems have improved neck and back comfort for ophthalmic surgeons in small studies, the designs and conditions of those investigations did not mirror real-world conditions. Weinstock et al. performed a larger study to better understand surgeons’ perceptions of the heads-up display (HUD) ver­sus conventional microscopes in the operating room. They found that most participants preferred HUD.

    For this study, the researchers dis­tributed a three-part online survey to cataract surgeons with HUD experi­ence. Part 1 collected surgeon-specific variables, such as musculoskeletal health history and HUD usage factors. Part 2 comprised the validated elec­tronic version of the Nordic Musculo­skeletal Questionnaire, which addresses pain-related issues in the neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders in the preceding 12 months. Part 3 used customized questions that elicited the surgeons’ preferences for HUD or standard operating microscopes. A multivariable model was developed to identify variables that predict improve­ment of pain.

    The analysis set included 64 surgeons. Of these, 37 were posterior segment only, 25 were anterior segment only, and two reported experience in both areas. The surgeons had practiced a mean of 14.9 years, and the mean time of HUD use was 2.3 years. Most surgeons “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that HUD reduced the severity (64%) and frequency (63%) of their pain, led to improved posture (73%), and improved their overall comfort (77%). Of those who experienced headaches or other pain/discomfort while operating, 44% and 82% (respectively) noted improvement in those conditions after implementing HUD.

    The odds of pain attenuation since HUD introduction was 5.12 times higher for those who used HUD in at least half of their cases.

    The original article can be found here.