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    Well Wishes

    In the July issue, Dr. Mills’ monthly Opinion column addressed his most recent battle with leukemia. Many members sent e-mails and letters of support and encouragement—here are two examples.

    I recently read about your harrowing near-death experience in “A Personal Medical Saga: Almost a Zombie?” and appreciate you sharing this with your readers. I will immediately stop complaining to my wife about my sprained metatarsal and some of the other minor maladies an aging baby boomer encounters on a daily basis.

    Thanks for your candor and humor about your recent brush with mortality. I hope you will continue to make a quick recovery and return to better health. Be sure to enjoy your “stoppage” time.

    Neal A. Sher MD, FACS 

    Wow! What a story. I am so glad that you are around to tell it in your own inimitable and wonderful way. I was unaware that you were having a problem with leukemia. Let’s hope that the chemo killed every last one of those nasty white cells. So glad that you survived and that you survived intact.

    I wish you the best going forward, and I am looking forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

    George H. Garcia, MD 
    Orange, Calif.
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