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    Support Groups for Low Vision Patients

    I write in regard to “Alert Your Low Vision Patients to Assistive Options” (Practice Perfect, March). What a fine article. One element of striking value to this population not mentioned is the significant role that support groups can play in the lives of these people. For the past four decades, the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology has managed very active support groups. This experience convinces us that rather than an ophthalmologist stating “Nothing more can be done,” it is prudent to suggest referral to a low vision support group.

    Philip C. Hessburg, MD 
    Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. 

    Cataract Surgery: A Poem

    EyeNet Cataract Section Editor Steven I. Rosenfeld, MD, recently shared with us a poem by Steven V.L. Brown, MD. Dr. Brown, a glaucoma and cataract specialist, is president of Chicago Glaucoma Consultants and associate professor at Rush Medical Center in Chicago.

    Cradled amongst brilliance with
    Fingertips tingling in awareness
    Conscious of the
    Stillness within reflection

    Concern concentrates focus as
    Swirling turgid remembrances
    Give forth anticipated deftness
    Gyration within the cloudiness

    Toes rising falling with surges
    Cacophony guides coherent
    Split particles float with purpose
    Sucked to oblivion

    Folded taco tiddlywink-like frisbee
    With appendage transparency
    Placed within shell past opaqueness
    Now brings awareness to once
    Fogged reality
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