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    MIPS—What’s New for 2019

    Excerpted from “MIPS—What’s New for 2019”, a two-part EyeNet series (January and February, 2019).

    (Get ready for 2020: Read EyeNet's summary of what's new for 2020 and MIPS 2020: A Primer and Reference, both published online ahead of print.)

    Why MIPS matters. If you don’t take part in MIPS in 2019, your payments for Medicare Part B services in 2021 could suffer a –7% penalty.

    MIPS Final Score, Penalties, Bonuses—What’s New for 2019
    MIPS Eligibility Criteria—What’s New for 2019
    MIPS Determination Periods—What’s New for 2019
    MIPS Promoting Interoperability—What’s New for 2019
    MIPS Promoting Interoperability—Meet These Nine Requirements in 2019
    MIPS Quality—What’s New for 2019 
    MIPS Improvement Activities—What’s New for 2019
    MIPS Cost—What’s New for 2019

    Keys to MIPS Success

    Use the IRIS Registry. This free member benefit is eye care’s tool of choice for MIPS.

    Stay tuned! This article reflects the Academy’s knowledge of the regulations at time of press, but CMS payment policies can change. For MIPS updates, bookmark the Academy’s MIPS hub page, visit the MIPS-specific news feed, and check your email for:

    • Medicare Physician Payment Update (first Saturday of each month)
    • Washington Report Express (Thursdays)
    • Practice Management Express (sent to AAOE members each Sunday).

    Going to AAO 2019? Schedule time for one of the  MIPS events.  

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