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    Kentucky Society Mixes Education and Racing

    The Kentucky Academy of Eye Physi­cians and Surgeons (KAEPS) held its annual spring meeting from May 11-12 at the 21c Museum Hotel in Downtown Louisville. KAEPS’ approximately 180 participating members heard from experts, including Raj K. Maturi, MD, Michael E. Snyder, MD, and Karl C. Golnik, MD, who covered topics in dia­betic retinopathy, cataract and anterior segment surgery, and neuro-ophthal­mology, respectively. The program also featured a presentation by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul on health care issues.

    The first evening, KAEPS hosted bourbon tasting and bidding in a silent auction to benefit the Kentucky Oph­thalmology Political Action Committee (KOPAC). The following afternoon, KAEPS members visited the Turf Club at Churchill Downs, the Louisville thor­oughbred racetrack famous for hosting the Kentucky Derby. Here, they had the opportunity to visit the Kentucky Derby Museum, and many participants enjoyed an informal handicapping tutorial by Richard A. Eiferman, MD, a fellow KAEPS member, which prepared them to bet on the horses.

    “It was wonderful to combine a great educational program with a fantastic bourbon tasting and silent auction that supported our state PAC, capping off with the festivities at the track,” noted KAEPS President Frank R. Burns, MD.


    Join the 1896 Legacy Society—Make a Lasting Impact on Your Profession

    Whether you’re currently practicing or enjoying retirement, it’s the right time to consider your legacy and explore meaningful ways to give back to your profession. One way to do this is through the 1896 Legacy Society.

    What is the 1896 Legacy Society? Named for the Academy’s founding year, the 1896 Legacy Society comprises donors who have included the Academy Foundation in their estate plan.

    What are the benefits? By including the Academy Foundation in your will or trust, you will support the Acade­my’s education initiatives for ophthalmologists and help prevent blindness worldwide. Through your legacy, future generations of ophthalmologists will be better positioned to succeed and create lasting legacies of their own. Plus, you and your loved ones may reap significant tax benefits.

    Who are its members? For a list of donors, see

    To get started, visit

    New Glaucoma Journal: Submit Your Research

    The Academy, in collaboration with the American Glaucoma Society, is launching Ophthalmology Glaucoma this month.

    The journal’s original articles cover new approaches to diagnosis, innova­tions in pharmacological therapy and surgical technique, and basic science advances that have the potential to impact clinical practice.

    Submit your research today. Glaucoma is a booming field for research, and the launch of Ophthalmology Glaucoma expands the publishing opportunities for the subspecialty’s clinician-scientists. Submit your research at

    For submission questions, contact

    New Guidelines

    The Academy’s Ophthalmic Technol­ogy Assessments (OTAs) evaluate new and existing procedures, drugs, and diagnostic and screening tests for safety and clinical effectiveness. OTAs are published in Ophthalmology, the Acad­emy’s clinical journal. Review the latest: Orbital Implants in Enucleation Surgery, Atropine for the Prevention of Myopia Progression in Children, Guidelines for the Cleaning and Sterilization of Intraocular Surgical Instruments—2018, and Therapies for Macular Edema Associated With Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion.

    To read these and other assessments on the ONE Network, visit

    List a Training Opportunity

    The Academy’s Global Directory of Training Opportunities is an online resource for ophthalmologists seeking a training experience outside their coun­try, and it’s the best way for institutions or practices to reach the broadest pool of candidates. If you have a fellowship or observership available to inter­national ophthalmologists, list your opportunities in this free directory—it only takes 2 to 3 minutes to post.

    1. Visit
    1. Click “Submit a Training Opportunity.”
    1. Log in (this will save you time later).
    1. Enter opportunity information.

    For more information, visit


    Prepare for August Recess, Your Best Opportunity to Lobby Congress Locally

    As federal lawmakers return to their home states this month, their “recess” isn’t about fun and sun—it’s about reconnecting with constit­uents and setting the stage for autumn legislating.

    Join us in making an impact. Put your advocacy skills to work by scheduling a meeting at your legislator’s district office or inviting your member of Congress to visit your practice or clinic. Either way, you will be helping elected officials better understand the important issues facing voters. You will also be establishing yourself as an im­portant resource for health care issues by lobbying against prior-authorization abuse, advocating for solutions to skyrocketing drug prices, and promoting transparency from heath care providers re­garding their qualifications.

    Relationships matter. The relationships you establish now will pay off over the years. Today’s freshman legislator may become a key pol­icy influencer in the future. Likewise, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives may become tomorrow’s governor, senator, cabinet member, or even president of the United States.

    Get started today. Ophthalmology isn’t the only group vying for lawmakers’ attention during the August recess, so be sure to make your voice heard. Visit to find the resources to get started.

    • Read the step-by-step guide on how to set up and have a success­ful meeting with your member of Congress.
    • Complete the Academy’s online form for joining in-district con­gressional advocacy.
    • Review additional resources such as talking points and briefs on the issues that are important to the Academy this year.

    For questions about how to navigate the scheduling process, contact Megan Tweed, Academy grassroots coordinator, at or 202-737-6662.


    Annual Business Meeting

    Notice is hereby given that the Annual Business Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology will be held Sunday, Oct. 28, from 8:30-10:30 a.m., in Lakeside E354 at the McCor­mick Place Convention Center in Chicago.

    Board Nominees

    In accordance with Academy bylaws, notice is hereby given of the following nominations for elected positions on the 2019 board. These nominations were made by the Academy Board of Trustees in June. If elected, the following individuals will begin their terms on Jan. 1, 2019.


    Anne L. Coleman, MD, PhD

    Senior Secretary for Clinical Education:

    Christopher J. Rapuano, MD


    Judy E. Kim, MD

    Board Appointments

    During the June Board of Trustees meeting, the following individual was appointed to the 2019 Board of Trustees and will begin his term on Jan. 1, 2019.

    International Trustee-at-Large:

    Donald Tan, MD, FRCS

    Nomination Procedures for the Academy Board

    Elections to fill the 3 open positions on the 2019 Board of Trustees will take place by ballot after the Oct. 28, 2018, Annual Business Meeting.

    To nominate a candidate by peti­tion, submit a written petition to the Academy’s CEO no later than Aug. 29, 2018. The petition must be signed by at least 50 voting Academy members and fellows.

    To suggest a nominee for the 2020 board, watch for the call for nominations in the January 2019 edition of EyeNet.

    To read the rules in full, visit

    2018 AWARDS


    Individuals who are honored with these Special Awards will attend AAO 2018 as guests of Academy President Keith D. Carter, MD, FACS, and will be formally recognized during the Opening Session.

    ■ Laureate Award

    The Academy’s highest honor, this award recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the betterment of eye care, leading to the prevention of blindness and restoration of sight worldwide.

    Steven T. Charles, MD

    ■ Guests of Honor

    Recognizes individuals chosen by the president for their contributions to ophthalmology.

    Wallace L.M. Alward, MD

    Paul R. Lichter, MD

    Jeffrey A. Nerad, MD

    ■ Distinguished Service Award

    Recognizes individuals or organizations for ongoing notable service to ophthal­mology and the Academy.

    Directors of Medical School Education in Ophthalmology

    ■ Special Recognition Award

    Recognizes an individual or organi­zation for outstanding service in a specific effort or cause that improves the quality of eye care.

    Ophthalmology Section of the National Medical Association

    ■ Outstanding Humanitarian Service Awards

    Recognizes Academy members for out­standing humanitarian efforts through their participation in charitable activ­ities, care of the indigent, and involve­ment in community service performed above and beyond the typical duties of an ophthalmologist.

    David Heiden, MD

    William L. White, MD

    ■ Outstanding Advocate Award

    Recognizes an Academy member for participation in advocacy-related ef­forts at the state and/or federal level.

    Bradley C. Black, MD

    ■ International Blindness Prevention Award

    Recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to reducing blindness and/or restoring sight world­wide.

    Jacob Pe’er, MD


    Recognizes individuals (members and nonmembers) for their time and contribution to the scientific programs of the Annual Meeting, as well as those who serve as Academy committee members, representatives, trustees, councilors, authors, coauthors, and reviewers of educational material.

    ■ Life Achievement Award

    Individuals who have cumulatively earned 60 points and have made significant contributions to ophthalmology, as determined by the Academy’s Awards Committee, were nominated to receive this award.

    Jorge L. Alio, MD, PhD

    Louis B. Cantor, MD

    David F. Chang, MD

    Steven T. Charles, MD

    Steven E. Feldon, MD

    Tamara R. Fountain, MD

    Debra A. Goldstein, MD

    David L. Guyton, MD

    Allen C. Ho, MD

    Gary N. Holland, MD

    Peter K. Kaiser, MD

    Lanning B. Kline, MD

    Jennifer Irene Lim, MD

    Marlene R. Moster, MD

    Peter Andreas Netland, MD, PhD

    Stephen C. Pflugfelder, MD

    Matteo Piovella, MD

    Thomas W. Samuelson, MD

    Johanna M. Seddon, MD

    Nicholas J. Volpe, MD

    Ruth D. Williams, MD

    Marco A. Zarbin, MD, PhD, FACS

    ■ Senior Achievement Award

    Individuals who have cumula­tively earned 30 points were nominated to receive this award.

    Nisha Acharya, MD

    Sophie J. Bakri, MD

    Audina M. Berrocal, MD

    Susanne Binder, MD

    Michael V. Boland, MD, PhD

    Elizabeth A. Bradley, MD

    Cat N. Burkat, MD

    Clement K. Chan, MD

    Soon-Phaik Chee, MD

    Teresa C. Chen, MD

    Stephen P. Christiansen, MD

    Jack A. Cohen, MD, FACS

    Mary Louise Z. Collins, MD

    William J. Dupps, MD, PhD

    Michael J. Elman, MD

    Julie Falardeau, MD

    Anat Galor, MD

    Paul B. Ginsburg, PhD

    Ana Luisa Hofling-Lima, MD, MBA

    Nada S. Jabbur, MD

    Mary Lou Jackson, MD

    Thomas Edward Johnson, MD

    Leslie S. Jones, MD

    Craig H. Kliger, MD

    Leah Levi, MD

    Albert M. Maguire, MD

    Sam Edward Mansour, MD

    Dennis M. Marcus, MD

    Brian P. Marr, MD

    Bruce M. Massaro, MD

    Aaron M. Miller, MD

    Lawrence S. Morse, MD, PhD

    Zoltan Nagy, MD

    Kanwal K. Nischal, MBBS

    Scott E. Olitsky, MD

    Ki Ho Park, MD, PhD

    Louis R. Pasquale, MD

    Andrew M. Prince, MD

    Eric Paul Purdy, MD

    Peter A. Quiros, MD

    Prithvi S. Sankar, MD

    J. Sebag, MD, FACS, FR­COphth, FARVO

    Janet B. Serle, MD

    Sriram Sonty, MD, FACS

    Kenneth David Steinsapir, MD

    Donny Won Suh, MD

    Linda M. Tsai, MD

    Sonal S. Tuli, MD

    Mitchell P. Weikert, MD

    Jess Thomas Whitson, MD, FACS

    ■ Achievement Award

    Individuals who have cumula­tively earned 10 points were nominated to receive this award.

    Donald Andrew Abrams, MD

    Ashvin Agarwal, MD

    Stephen K. Akafo, MBCHB

    Adel H. Al-Buloushi, MD

    Arghavan Almony, MD

    Abdulatif M. Al Raisi, MD

    Anshu Arundhati, MD

    Alexandre C. Assi, MD

    Olufemi E. Babalola, MD

    Federico Badala, MD

    Carl W. Baker, MD

    Rudrani Banik, MD

    Alice Bashinsky, MD

    Lamis Baydoun, MD

    Brian E. Bowe, MD

    D.S. Bremond-Gignac, MD

    David B. Cano, MD

    Kara M. Cavuoto, MD

    Christopher B. Chambers, MD

    Ta Chen Chang, MD

    Yvonne I. Chu, MD

    Marcus H. Colyer, MD

    Juan C. Corbera, MD

    Steven M. Couch, MD

    Jose Dalma-Weiszhausz, MD

    Robert B. Dinn, MD

    Jacque L. Duncan, MD

    Babak Eliassi-Rad, MD

    Teodoro J. Evans, MD

    Lisa J. Faia, MD

    Mansoor A. Farooqui, FRCSEd

    Joanna M. Fisher, MD

    Patrick M. Flaharty, MD

    Paul Flikier, MD

    Amy M. Fowler, MD

    Courtney E. Francis, MD

    Montserrat Garcia-Gonzalez, MD

    Nina A. Goyal, MD

    Laura K. Green, MD

    Todd D. Gwin, MD

    Mona Harissi-Dagher, MD

    Ralph A. Higgins, MBBS, FRACS, FRANZCO

    David O. Hodge, MS

    Graham E. Holder, PhD

    James G. Howard, MD

    Jairo E. Hoyos, MD

    Yutaka Imamura, MD, PhD

    Satoshi Ishiko, MD

    Mitchell A. Jackson, MD

    Vandana Jain, MBBS

    Robert A. Kaufer, MD

    Sachin Kedar, MD

    Albert S. Khouri, MD

    Jeremy Z. Kieval, MD

    Hyoung J. Koh, MD

    Shizuka Koh, MD

    Shree K. Kurup, MD

    Martin E. Lederman, MD

    Aaron Y. Lee, MD

    Julie S. Lee, MD

    Olivia L. Lee, MD

    Sung-Chul Lee, MD

    Wendy W. Lee, MD

    Yannek I. Leiderman, MD, PhD

    Cecily A. Lesko, MD, FACS

    Edward S. Lim, MD

    Phoebe Lin, MD, PhD

    Susan M. Loen, OCS

    Lorinna H. Lombardi, MD

    Birgit Lorenz, MD, PhD

    Natalie M. Loyacano, COMT, OCS

    Brandon J. Lujan, MD

    Joseph J. Ma, MD

    Ted Maddess, PhD

    Salah Mahjoub, MD

    John Joseph Martin, MD

    Vicente Martinez-Castillo, MD

    Ichiro Maruko, MD

    Guy G. Massry, MD

    Kristina Mikek, MD

    Carl A. Minning Jr., MD

    Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD

    Akio Oishi, MD, PhD

    Faruk H. Orge, MD

    Midori H. Osaki, MD

    Secil Ozdemir, MD

    David W. Parke III, MD

    Roma Patel, MD

    Sayjal J. Patel, MD

    Grazia Pertile, MD

    Francesco Pichi, MD

    Terri-Diann Pickering, MD

    Vittorio Porciatti

    Siegfried Priglinger, MD

    Giuseppe Querques, MD

    Aleksandra V. Rachitskaya, MD

    Dandapani Ramamurthy, MBBS, MD

    Aparna Ramasubramanian, MD

    S.R. Rathinam, MBBS, PhD

    Ashvini K. Reddy, MD

    Satya Reddy, MD

    Vincent S. Reppucci, MD

    James D. Reynolds, MD

    Timothy V. Roberts, MD

    Paul R. Rosenberg, MD, FACS

    Paisan Ruamviboonsuk, MD

    Sanduk Ruit, MD

    Rebecca Sands Braverman, MD

    Emil Anthony T. Say, MD

    Adrienne Williams Scott, MD

    Andrew Scott, MD

    Pete Setabutr, MD

    Sumit Sharma, MD

    Aryan Shayegani, MD

    Carolyn Y. Shih, MD, MBA, MPH

    Neal H. Shorstein, MD

    Chasidy D. Singleton, MD

    Senthil Sirisha, MBBS

    Ryan T. Smith, MD

    Wendy M. Smith, MD

    Joern B. Soltau, MD

    Eric H. Souied, MD, PhD

    Eric A. Steele, MD

    Jay M. Stewart, MD

    Leon Strauss, MD, PhD

    Yi Ning Strube, MS, MD, FRCSC

    Kazuhisa Sugiyama, MD, PhD

    Rebecca J. Taylor, MD

    Jaime Tejedor, MD

    Christopher C. Teng, MD

    Hiroko Terasaki, MD

    Eric R. Thomas, MD

    Oren Tomkins-Netzer, MD

    Lejla Vajzovic, MD

    Devesh K. Varma, MD

    Petja I. Vassileva, MD, PhD

    Federico G. Velez, MD

    Rengaraj Venkatesh, MBBS

    Maureen Waddle, MBA

    Sarah Wellik, MD

    Randall V. Wong, MD

    Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD


    The Secretariat Awards pro­gram recognizes individuals for contributions outside the scope of the Achievement Award program. Each of the Academy’s secretaries and senior secretaries can submit nominees to the Academy’s Awards Committee.

    Nominated by the Secretaries for Curriculum Development, Lifelong Learning and Assessment, Online Education, Editor ONE Network, Chief Medical Editor, EyeNet, and Senior Sec­retary for Clinical Education:

    Anthony J. Aldave, MD

    Lisa B. Arbisser, MD

    Hilary A. Beaver, MD

    M. Tariq Bhatti, MD

    Neil M. Bressler, MD

    David J. Browning, MD, PhD

    Joseph Caprioli, MD

    Deepak P. Edward, MD

    Joseph L. Fontenot, MD

    Matthew Dean Kay, MD

    Ralph D. Levinson, MD

    Cynthia Mattox, MD

    Louise A. Mawn, MD

    Stephen D. McLeod, MD

    Richard K. Parrish II, MD

    Rajesh K. Rajpal, MD

    Andrew P. Schachat, MD

    Mitchell B. Strominger, MD

    Evan L. Waxman, MD

    Nominated by the Secretary for Quality of Care:

    Roy S. Chuck, MD, PhD

    Sunil Gupta, MD

    Allen C. Ho, MD

    Mary Lou Jackson, MD

    David K. Wallace, MD

    Nominated by the Senior Sec­retary for Ophthalmic Practice:

    Matthew M. Baugh, COT, OCS

    Ron Rosenberg, PA, MPH

    Nominated by the Secretaries for State Affairs and Federal Affairs, and Senior Secretary for Advocacy:

    Chris Albanis, MD

    Michael W. Belin, MD

    Donald L. Budenz, MD, MPH

    Hardeep Dhindsa, MD

    Adam M. Katz, MD

    Dooho Brian Kim, MD

    Raj K. Maduri, MD

    Steven Nusinowitz, PhD

    Galin J. Spicer, MD

    Steven C. Thornquist, MD

    Nominated by the Secretary for the Annual Meeting:

    Janet Louise Davis, MD

    Don O. Kikkawa, MD

    Ronald R. Krueger, MD

    J. Bradley Randleman, MD

    Molly Walsh, MD, MPH

    Nominated by the Secretary for Communications:

    Jane C. Edmond, MD

    Raj K. Maturi, MD

    Philip R. Rizzuto, MD

    Nominated by the Editor of Ophthalmology:

    Balwantray C. Chauham, PhD

    Gemmy Chui Ming Cheung, MB BChir

    Robert N. Frank, MD

    Bennie H. Jeng, MD

    Marco A. Zarbin, MD, PhD, FACS

    Nominated by the Editor of Ophthalmology Retina:

    Anita Agarwal, MD

    Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD, PhD

    William E. Smiddy, MD

    Charles C. Wykoff, MD

    Marco A. Zarbin, MD, PhD, FACS

    Nominated by the Secretary for Member Services:

    James G. Chelnis, MD

    Jane C. Edmond, MD

    Anju Goyal, MD

    Roma Patel, MD

    M. Bruce Shields, MD

    Nominated by the Secretary for Global Alliance:

    Bertil E. Damato, MD, PhD

    Jan-Tjeerd H.N. de Faber, MD

    Natalio J. Izquierdo, MD

    A. John Kanellopoulos, MD

    Linda M. Lawrence, MD