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    How Important Can a Cable Cap Be?

    One month ago in our operating room, a routine phaco/IOL case was begun; however, we noticed that the phaco power was very weak. Fluid movement was normal. We tried going up higher with phaco power and changing out the handpiece and tubing, but still the phaco machine would not perform. The decision was made to bring a second machine in, and after that, thankfully, the case was finished.

    As it turns out, the cable cap on the foot pedal of the first phaco machine had lodged itself in such a way that the foot pedal could not be depressed. In the left photo, the cable is connected correctly. The photo on the right shows the culprit: the cable cap that prevented the foot pedal from depressing. Just an FYI to EyeNet readers in case they run into a similar issue at some point.

    Joyce H. Cassen, MD

    How Important Can a Cable Cap Be?
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