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  • Guide for the Young Ophthalmologist (YO)

    A Guide for the Young Ophthalmologist

    On the road to professional success. From upheavals in reimbursement (get ready for MIPS) to revolutionary breakthroughs in research (what if drops could reverse cataract?), your career in ophthalmology will be anything but dull. To ensure that you’re poised to seize opportunities and weather the challenges that come your way, this EyeNet supplement addresses some key concepts that will help you get established as a YO.  

    Meet your YO colleagues. If you’re attending AAO 2016, look for the events designed specifically for YOs. And throughout the year, you can go online for YO-specific news and advice, including the annual YO Info Resident Edition for first-year residents.

    Who are the YOs? You are considered a YO if you are in a residency, in a fellowship, or in the first 5 years of practice. To help launch your career, the Academy and AAOE offer free membership while you are in training, and you enjoy reduced rates as you get started in practice. Make sure you take advantage of your Academy and AAOE member benefits.

    This supplement is available online (click the sections links under “YO Guide Content”) and as a downloadable PDF, and was sent to YOs with the September issue of EyeNet.

    EyeNet’s 2016 YO supplement is supported by Shire (Booth 965 at AAO 2016).