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  • Together, We’re Making a Difference


    Your collective commitment to giving back is powerful — directly impacting innovative education and better patient care. Thanks to you, thousands of ophthalmologists around the globe who treat millions of patients have more of the resources they need to protect sight and empower lives.

    From the huge strides of the IRIS Registry to the 10th anniversary of our educational tour de force — the ONE Network — we are making more of an impact on patient care than ever before. And we use your donations prudently and wisely. For every dollar spent, more than 80 cents is put back into Academy programs.

    Though statistics about website visits and database size are certainly impressive, they only reveal a portion of the big picture. Real-world success stories are the true indicators of the effectiveness of our initiatives.

    ”We are making more of an impact on patient care than ever before.”


    In this annual report, you’ll see the power of our programs through the stories of the ophthalmologists who use them.

    • Linda M. Tsai, MD, used the ONE Network to prepare for femtosecond laser-assisted surgery that restored her patient’s sight.
    • Michael R. Feilmeier, MD, discovered a life-threatening clot while examining one of his EyeCare America patients.
    • Mathew W. MacCumber, MD, PhD, helped a 101-year-old jeweler retain her vision so she could continue working.

    In addition, subspecialty education centers on the ONE Network — including the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center and the upcoming David E. I. Pyott Glaucoma Education Center — are instrumental in helping physicians to provide better care.

    There are many more stories that bring our successes to life. And with your support, we can continue to offer resources that yield meaningful results for ophthalmologists and their patients every day. Together, we are truly making a difference! 

    Warm Regards,

    Christie L. Morse, MD, Chair
    Foundation Advisory Board 
    Member of the Academy Board of Trustees

    Tony McClellan, President
    Foundation Advisory Board