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  • Lifetime Giving

    Christine Perry (left) has been struggling with glaucoma for 14 years. She’s able to see today because she had an eye screening. Her ophthalmologist, Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD, stresses the importance of educating patients on their conditions and urges them to encourage family and friends to have annual exams. “There is still no cure for glaucoma,” she said. “Catching it early allows patients to have a longer period of maintenance.”

    The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their lifetime commitment of $10,000 or more toward the Academy’s mission and priority programs in education, quality of care and service.

    David E. I. Pyott, CBE, MD(Hon)

    Alice R. McPherson, MD
    Dr. Charles R. and Judith G. Munnerlyn
    Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD

    $500,000 – $999,999
    Ursula and Hans R. Grieshaber
    Dr. and Mrs. Allan D. Jensen

    $250,000 – $499,999
    C. Stephen Foster, MD, and Frances Foster
    Michael F. Marmor, MD
    Edgar H. Schollmaier
    Richard C. Troutman, MD, DSC(Hon), FACS, FRCOphth

    $100,000 – $249,999
    Mr. and Mrs. Gavin S. Herbert
    Ernest G. Herman
    Ann and Dunbar Hoskins Jr., MD, FACS
    B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD, and June Hutchinson
    Drs. Julie and David Parke II
    Tim and Judith Sear
    Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Tuck


    Christopher F. Blodi, MD

    OPHTHALMOLOGY has always been at the forefront of technology and medical advancement. The Academy Foundation helps to ensure that we continue to evolve and gain more knowledge. Foundation funding is vital to the Academy’s initiatives to improve patient care through advocacy and clinical education.

    My wife and I decided that focusing on the causes we felt most passionate about was the best way for our contributions to have maximum impact. We support organizations like the Foundation that exemplify what we believe in and use our donations wisely and effectively.

    Foundation funding also helps define and connect our field’s past, present and future by supporting important programs like the Museum of Vision. The museum preserves our heritage and history by sharing our many achievements. Along with its collection of ophthalmic antiquities, the museum is also a valuable educational resource for the community.

    The Foundation’s mission reminds me why I wanted to be a doctor — to help and give to others. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through donations. I am proud to be an ophthalmologist and a member of the Academy, and I am excited to contribute to the advancement of the field.

    Dr. Blodi and his wife, Patti, give annually at the Partners for Sight level. They have made more than $27,000 in lifetime donations to the Foundation.

    $50,000 – $99,999
    Thomas W. Burns
    Dr. and Mrs. John Flaxel
    Richard H. Lee, MD
    Jim Mazzo
    John R. Paddock, PhD
    Vadrevu K. Raju, MD, FRCS, FACS
    Cary and Janet Rayment
    E. Ronald Salvitti, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey
    Shigemi Sugiki, MD, FACS
    Dr. William Tasman* and Mrs. Alice Lea Tasman

    $25,000 – $49,999
    Robert O. Baratta, MD
    George and Lynn Bartley
    Christopher and Patricia Blodi
    J. Burns Creighton Jr., MD, and Cathy Creighton
    John E. Downing, MD, FACS
    Mohamad Akef El Maghraby, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Falls
    Charles D. Fritch, MD
    Luther L. Fry, MD, FACS
    James P. Gills, MD
    Kanwal K. Gupta, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Isbey Jr.
    Robert and Janet Kalina
    Eugene and Diane Katz
    H. Michael Lambert, MD, FACS
    Richard L. Lindstrom, MD
    Tony McClellan
    Norman B. Medow, MD, FACS
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan Morse
    Christie L. Morse, MD
    James A. Murphy, MD
    Lynn and David Noonan
    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Obstbaum
    David W. Parke, MD
    David Paton, MD
    Charles and Therese Peter
    Sushil K. Premchand
    George B. Primbs, MD, FACS
    Richard S. Ruiz, MD
    Michael J. Schermer, MD
    Thomas R. Stevens, MD
    Suzanne Véronneau-Troutman, MD, FRCS(C), FACS
    Floyd L. Wergeland Jr., MD
    Dr. and Mrs. George A. Williams

    $10,000 – $24,999
    Richard L. Abbott, MD, and Cecilia B. Abbott
    Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Abramson
    Joe F. Arterberry, MD
    William L. Becker, MD
    Sanders M. Benkwith, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. John F. Bigger
    Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Brennan
    Daniel C. Brocks, MD
    Jill M. Brody, MD
    Kevin J. Buehler
    John D. Bullock, MD, MPH, MSc
    J. Ricardo Castanon-Moreno, MD
    Dr. David and Victoria Chang
    S. William Clark III, MD
    Anne Louise Coleman, MD, PhD
    Robin Cook, MD
    John A. Costin, MD
    Michael H. Cunningham, MD
    James A. Davison, MD
    Carin and Claes Dohlman
    David A. Durfee, MD
    David Keith Emmel, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Felt
    Frank J. Fischer, MD
    Jay M. Galst, MD
    George E. Garcia, MD
    Froncie and Bonnie Gutman
    Drs. David and Patricia Harris
    Michael J. Hawes, MD, FACS
    Ronald Glenn Herrington, MD
    Stephen E. Higgins, MD
    John D. Hunkeler, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Isbey III
    Jaime Jimenez-Agosto, MD
    Jeff Johnson, MD
    Randy and Patty Johnston
    Peter R. Laibson, MD
    Linda M. Lawrence, MD
    Mary Gilbert Lawrence, MD, MPH
    Paul and Jennifer Lee
    Paul R. Lichter, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm L. Mazow
    Dr. Carl and Elizabeth Migliazzo
    Marilyn T. Miller, MD
    Richard Mills and Karen Covington
    Ramana S. Moorthy, MD
    and Shailaja Valluri, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. L. “Skip” Nichamin
    Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD
    Robert H. Osher, MD
    James G. Ravin, MD
    Robert D. Reinecke, MD, and Mary J. Reinecke*
    William L. Rich III, MD, and Janet S. Wright, MD
    Brent L. Saunders
    Bradford J. Shingleton, MD
    Murthy V. Simhambhatla, PhD
    Lawrence J. Singerman, MD
    Robert M. Sinskey, MD*
    Dr. Gregory L. and Anne M. Skuta
    David R. Stager Sr., MD
    Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
    Ruth* and Brad Straatsma
    Thomas J. Tredici, MD
    Martin Wand, MD
    Thomas A. Weingeist, MD, PhD
    Julia Whiteside, MD, MPH
    Peter J. Whitted, MD, JD
    Robert E. Wiggins, MD, MHA
    Shelby R. Wilkes, MD, MBA
    Ruth D. Williams, MD, and Stephen C. Gieser, MD, MPH
    Harry and Kathy Zink

    * Deceased

    ”The Academy provides great value to its members. When I was in practice, the range and quality of educational resources meant a great deal to me. I made a bequest to the Academy Foundation to ‘pay it forward’ for future generations of ophthalmologists and to benefit our patients.”


    Legacy Society

    The Legacy Society honors those who have included the Foundation in their long-term gift plans through a bequest, life-income gift or other gift-planning arrangement.

    Donald H. Beisner, MD
    A. Jan Berlin, MD, FACS
    John F. Bigger Jr., MD
    Wilford Van Buskirk
    Richard P. Carroll, MD
    George A. Clark, MD
    Arthur M. Clements, MD
    David N. Cohen, MD
    Timothy B. Crane, MD
    Paul P. Dunn, MD
    H. MacKenzie Freeman, MD
    George E. Garcia, MD
    Betty A. Hagaman, MD
    Lewis G. Harmon, MD
    Michael J. Hawes, MD, FACS
    Marnix E. Heersink, MD
    B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD, and June Hutchinson
    Dr. and Mrs. Allan D. Jensen
    Juan A. Jurado, MD
    Jonathan M. Kagan, MD
    Joseph Kurstin, MD
    Maurice H. Luntz, MD, FACS
    Ricardo J. Nieves, MD
    Charles A. Peter, MD
    John G. Rezapour, MD
    F. Tempel Riekhof, MD
    Henry G. Ring, MD, FACS*
    William M. Rowlett, MD
    Samuel Scime, MD
    Julius C. Sozanski, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey
    Gary B. Stanford, MD
    Marion Joseph Stoj, MD
    Daniel M. Taylor, MD
    Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD
    Michael A. Wainstock, MD
    Bruce Wasserman, MD
    George W. Weinstein, MD
    Floyd L. Wergeland Jr., MD
    Jack Wolper, MD
    Donald N. Zehl, MD
    Jose L. Zubero, MD

    This list acknowledges bequest expectancies and other planned charitable gifts that we have been notified of through March 31, 2017. If you have named the Foundation as a beneficiary in a bequest or other planned gift and your name does not appear on this list, contact Todd Lyckberg at +1 415.447.0361 or