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  • Together, We’re Putting the Latest Science Into Practice

    Linda M. Tsai, MD, consults the ONE Network regularly. “The ONE Network helps me prepare for complex surgeries using techniques such as femtosecond lasers and advanced technology lens implants,” she said. “It enables me to achieve the best possible surgical outcomes and change patients’ lives in a positive way.” Above: A rapid onset of cataracts left Michael Scatizzi, age 53, legally blind in less than a year’s time, severely affecting his quality of life. “I consulted the ONE Network before performing femtosecond laser-assisted surgery to restore his vision to 20/20,” said Dr. Tsai. “Michael and his family are thrilled! I am honored to be part of this success story. I love what I do!”

    THANKS TO FUNDING from the Foundation, the Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE®) Network is now the world’s leading online resource for ophthalmic education. From Australia to Myanmar to Zimbabwe, ophthalmologists rely on the ONE Network for the latest clinical research and news, video demonstrations, self-assessments and practice guidelines. When we put the latest science into practice, we ensure a better quality of life for the patients we serve.

    In the past year, donor contributions have allowed us to expand our live educational offerings and to build a new education center. Our recently launched clinical webinar series helps ophthalmologists improve patient outcomes. These live seminars allow participants to interact with other attendees and the instructor, take online polls and earn CME credit. And in November, the David E. I. Pyott Glaucoma Education Center will make its debut. Content includes interactive algorithms, simulations, case-based activities, epidemiology maps, surgical animations and videos.

    We’ve also been able to grow the selection of new resources in these ONE Network areas:

    • Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center — This central hub offers the highest-quality resources for any clinician treating children. We’ve doubled the content, adding pediatric disease reviews, lectures, videos and interactive training exercises.
    • Pathology Atlas — This resource helps meet the needs of residents who do not have access to actual pathology slides. We’ve added 26 new slides plus numerous deidentified images.
    • Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Education Center — Physicians can access the most complete collection of oculoplastics reference materials available online. We’ve added 60 new topics.
    • Media Library — Interactive media provide more engaging, effective learning experiences. We’ve added more than 2,000 surgical videos, presentations and interviews.

    Together with continued support from our donors, resources like these on the ONE Network will grow and flourish, allowing physicians like Dr. Tsai to quickly access new research and treatments for all patients around the globe.