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  • Pioneering Education With Interactive Technology

    David E. I. Pyott, CBE, MD(Hon), pictured here with his wife, Molly, pledged $2 million in 2016 to establish a center for glaucoma education on the ONE Network. “David Pyott is an extraordinary philanthropist,” said David W. Parke II, MD, Academy CEO. “He is knowledgeable and personally experienced and engaged in the problem of treatable global blindness. This endowment will serve as a legacy gift for decades to come — helping current and future physicians around the globe, as well as providing resources for their patients. The Academy is deeply grateful for his steadfast generosity that enhances our capability to protect sight and empower lives.”

    For now, glaucoma is one of the world’s leading causes of preventable blindness — but a new resource aims to change that.

    Ophthalmologists around the world already rely on the Academy’s Ophthalmic News and Education (ONE®) Network for the latest clinical research, video demonstrations, self assessments and practice guidelines. Now they can also turn to it for innovative, interactive instruction on the crucial topic of glaucoma.

    Launched in November 2017, the online David E. I. Pyott Glaucoma Education Center features:

    • Surgical videos and animations: Viewers get fresh perspectives on surgeries through videos of procedures accompanied by animations clearly illustrating each step.
    • Interactive maps and data: Epidemiologic and incidence data come alive through an interactive map that quickly conveys basic information for each U.S. state.
    • Diagnosis and treatment algorithms: The clinician can specify a disease (POAG, PACG, etc.) and navigate stepwise through each decision needed to arrive at a management algorithm — all designed for use on a smartphone.
    • Gonioscopy videos: The Color Atlas of Gonioscopy gives users access to clinical videos of procedures for the angle.

    David E. I. Pyott, CBE, MD(Hon), pledged $2 million in 2016 to make it all possible. “Having served as Allergan’s CEO for 17 years, I have an intimate connection with the glaucoma community,” said Mr. Pyott. “This is my way of giving back. I am delighted to continue a long and rewarding heritage of helping physicians everywhere speed improvements in patient outcomes.”

    The Pyott Glaucoma Education Center complements other groundbreaking educational portals on the ONE Network, including the Knights Templar Eye Foundation Pediatric Ophthalmology Education Center, the Charles R. and Judith G. Munnerlyn Laser Surgery Education Center, and the Michael R. Redmond, MD, Professionalism and Ethics Education Center. (Naming opportunities remain available for retina, cataract and other key educational centers.)

    These resources, and the generous donations that underwrite them, keep our members at the forefront of eye care. Together, we’re reaching further in ophthalmic education and setting new standards for patient care.