• 2019 Supporters

    We thank the following individuals for supporting the Academy's educational, quality of care and service programs. Make a tax-deductible gift online or by contacting Todd Lyckberg at tlyckberg@aao.org or 415.447.0361.


    Leadership Council


    $1,000,000 and up

    Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD


    $500,000 and up

    Michael F. Marmor, MD


    $100,000 - $499,999

    David F. Chang, MD and Victoria A. Chang
    Steve T. Charles, MD
    Michael and Rochelle Schermer
    Drs. Jerry and Carol Shields
    Tony McClellan
    George and Kimberly Williams

    $50,000 - $99,999

    Dr. and Mrs. Edward K. Isbey III
    Dr. Allan and Ms. Claire Jensen
    Norman B. Medow, MD
    Robert E. Wiggins, MD, MHA


    $25,000 - $49,999

    Drs. Julie and David Parke II
    Dr. Gregory L. and Anne M. Skuta


    $10,000 - $24,999

    Claes F. Dohlman, MD, PhD
    Jay M. Galst, MD
    Rochelle Gibbons
    Drs. Guler and Zeynel Karcioglu
    Caron and Michael Trese


    $5,000 - $9,999

    George and Lynn Bartley
    Michael W. Brennan, MD
    Thomas W. Burns
    Dr. John and Joy Flaxel
    N. Patrick Hale, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Johnson
    Gilbert H. Kliman, MD
    Jim V. Mazzo
    Alice R. McPherson, MD
    William F. Mieler, MD and Jennifer J. Kang-Mieler, PhD
    Dr. and Mrs. Alan Morse
    Christie L. Morse, MD
    Lynn and David Noonan
    Peter J. Panton, MD
    Charles A. Peter, MD
    David and Molly Pyott
    Cary and Janet Rayment
    Dr. Dan and Pauline Sakamoto
    Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Shaw Jr.
    Peter J. Whitted, MD, JD

    $2,500 - $4,999

    Richard L. Abbott, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Laura Alter
    J. Ricardo Castañon-Moreno, MD
    James Chodosh, MD, MPH
    Tamara R. Fountain, MD
    Dr. Michael J. and Susie K. Hawes
    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Higgins
    David G. Hunter, MD, PhD and Constance E. West, MD
    Ann and Dunbar Hoskins
    Jody K. Judge, MD
    Andreas K. Lauer, MD
    Ifeanyi S. Orizu, MD
    E. Ronald Salvitti, MD
    Dr. Ramana S. Moorthy and Dr. Shailaja Valluri
    New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai
    Harry A. Zink, MD


    Partners for Sight

    $1,000 – $2,499

    Maria M. Aaron, MD
    Jane A. Aguirre
    James A. Antoszyk, MD
    Michael V. Antworth, MD
    Dr. Jack and Susie Baker
    Ray M. Balyeat, MD
    Brent Bauer
    Mr. and Mrs. Maurice and Kim Borden
    Daniel J. Briceland, MD
    Lou and Linda Cantor
    John So-Min Chang, MD
    Donald J. Cinotti, MD
    William S. Clifford, MD
    Michael H. Cunningham, MD
    John and Kristin Epstein
    Dale Fajardo, EdD, MBA
    Donald C. Falgoust, MD
    Paul T. Finger, MD
    John and Joy Flaxel
    Raul G. Franceschi, MD
    Phyllis R. Galst
    Dr. George and Mrs. Nancy Garcia
    Sunir Garg, MD and Stella Luo, MD
    David B. Glasser, MD
    Jai N. Goel, MBBS
    Edward E. Graul, MD
    Julia A. Haller, MD
    Drs. David and Patricia Harris
    Kunle O. Hassan, MBBS
    Gavin and Ninetta Herbert
    David A. Hill, MD
    Douglas L. Holmes, MD
    Prof. Xiuwen Hu on behalf of International Journal of Ophthalmology
    Randy and Patty Johnston
    Kenneth B. Juechter, MD
    Jon C. Kintner, MD
    Dr. Peter and Ruth Laibson
    H. Michael Lambert, MD
    Kathy Lee, MD, PhD
    Paul P. Lee, MD, JD
    Carolyn and Paul Lichter
    Dr. Richard C. and Robin K. Lieurance
    Jennifer L. Lindsey, MD
    Peter and Flora Lum
    Todd Lyckberg
    Dr. Muneera A. Mahmood
    Dr. Nick and Mercy Mamalis
    Samuel Masket, MD
    Cynthia G. Mattox, MD
    Dennis C. Matzkin, MD
    Eduardo and Gabriela Mayorga
    J. Patrick McGraw, MD
    Benjamin S. McKendall, MD
    J. Kevin McKinney, MD
    Stephen McLeod and Marion Faymonville
    Robert F. Melendez, MD, MBA
    Lawrence Mendenhall and Richard Horan
    Pauline T. Merrill, MD and Chris Foster
    Hiromu K. Mishima, MD, PhD
    Satish S. Modi, MD, FRCS(C)
    Raji Mulukutla, MD
    Arvind Neelakantan, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Obstbaum
    Timothy and Virginia Olsen
    Timothy J. Padovese
    Will Parke, MD
    David Paton, MD
    Ron and Wendy Pelton
    Gilbert S. Perlman, MD
    Vadrevu K. Raju, MD, FRCS, FACS
    WIlliam S. Rich III, MD , FACS and Janet Wright, MD
    Robert Ritch, MD, FACS
    Debra Rosencrance
    Robert Rosenquist Jr., MD
    Dr. George and Miriam Rosenwasser
    Edward Hurlbut Ryan Jr., MD
    Nelson R. Sabates, MD
    Aisha Simjee, MD
    Richard F. Spaide, MD
    Rand Spencer, MD
    Paul Sternberg Jr., MD
    Bradley R. Straatsma, MD, JD
    Alice Lea Tasman
    Christopher C. Teng, MD
    James C. Tsai, MD, MBA
    Mark O. M. Tso, MD
    Ken and Sara Tuck
    Dana J. Weinkle, MD
    Andrew Westfall, MD
    Pat and Alice Wilkinson
    Ruth D. Williams, MD and Stephen C. Gieser, MD, MPH
    George J. Wyhinny, MD
    Harriet (Pie) and Joe Yarbrough
    Michelle S. Ying, MD


    $500 – $999

    Jack Aaron, MD
    Ashim Aggarwal, MD
    Eduardo C. Alfonso, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Allison
    Warren Appleman, MD
    Robert S. Bailey Jr., MD
    Lauren B. Baker, MD
    William L. Becker, MD
    Janet A. Betchkal, MD
    Bradley C. Black, MD
    Christopher Blodi, MD and Barbara Blodi, MD
    Reagan and Cindy Bradford
    Roy D. Brod, MD
    Steven V. L. Brown, MD
    Constance M. Calogeris, MD
    Marcia D. Carney, MD
    Joyce H. Cassen, MD
    Dr. Peter Cetta and Mrs. Barbara Cetta
    Thomas J. Chowattukunnel, MD
    Barry G. Chaiken, MD
    Glenn C. Cockerham, MD
    Anne Louise Coleman, MD, PhD
    Mary Louise Z. Collins, MD and Mr. Carville B. Collins
    Brian P. Conway, MD
    Claude L. Cowan Jr., MD
    Susan H. Day, MD
    Anna Luisa Di Lorenzo, MD
    Arthur J. Edelstein, MD
    Jane C. Edmond, MD
    Paul Andrew Edwards, MD
    Gregory A. Eippert, MD
    Christina J. Flaxel, MD
    Eric S. Friedman, MD
    Robert M. Gilliam, MD
    Paul and Gail Ginsburg
    Robert D. Gross, MBA, MD
    Stephen D. Haymes
    Yu-Guang He, MD
    John Alexander Irvine, MD
    Mitchell A. Jackson MD
    Douglas D. Koch, MD
    Kent G. Leavitt, MD
    Harry A. Lebowitz, MD
    Andrew J. Levada, MD
    David V. Lightfoot, MD
    Shan C. Lin, MD
    Timothy J. Malone, MD
    Carl V. Migliazzo, MD
    Charles and Judy Munnerlyn
    Kamal F. Nassif, MD
    Sara O'Connell, MD
    Paul N. Orloff, MD
    Purnima S. Patel, MD
    Peter A. Quiros, MD
    Geoffrey L. Rice, MD
    Mark A. Rolain, MD
    Ivan and Nora Schwab
    Dianna and Alex Seldomridge
    Joseph Sidikaro, MD, PhD
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey
    John R. Stabile, MD
    Prem S. Subramanian, MD, PhD
    John E. Sutphin, MD
    Frank V. Terrell, MD
    Linda M. Uniat, MD
    Woodford S. Van Meter, MD, FACS
    Alan L. Wagner, MD, FACS
    David T. Wheeler, MD
    Juliann K. Williams, MD
    John A. Wolfe, MD


    $250 – $499

    Benedictus G. K. Ajayi,  MBBS, MHS
    James H. Antoszyk, MD
    Laurie Gray Barber, MD
    Bronwyn Bateman and Douglas Hershey
    Hugh M. Beckman, MD
    Cagri G. Besirli, MD
    Rubens Belfort Jr., MD, PhD
    William J. Benevento, MD
    Christen R. Brown, BS, COE
    Jeremiah Brown, MD
    Lung Chang, MD
    Michael F. Chiang, MD
    Alfonse A. Cinotti, MD
    Catherine Grealy Cohen
    Ronald J. Cole, MD
    Benjamin D. Currie, MD
    Oscar E. Cuzzani, MD, PhD
    Robert B. Dinn, MD
    Jeffrey P. Edelstein, MD
    Richard A. Falls, MD*
    Robert G. Fante, MD, PhD
    John R. Favetta, MD
    James W. Felch, MD, PhD
    Brad H. Feldman, MD
    Gerald J. Fivian, MD, FACS
    Karl C. Golnik, MD
    Tarek S. Hassan, MD
    Jean Hausheer, MD
    Elizabeth Hodapp, MD
    Harry H. Huang, MD
    Alvina M. Janda, MD
    Murray A. Johnstone, MD
    Jack Kabak, MD
    Mary Gilbert Lawrence, MD and James Lawrence
    Robert W. Lingua, MD
    Mick Manzi, MD
    Debra Marchi, COA
    Stephanie Jones Marioneaux, MD
    Frank Joseph Martin, MD
    Donald R. May, MD, FACS
    Malcolm L. Mazow, MD
    Cherie McNett
    Marilyn T. Miller, MD
    Richard P. Mills, MD, MPH and Karen Covington
    Anne M. Nachazel, MD
    Romesh C. Nayar, MD
    Omondi L. Nyong'o, MD
    Michael J. O'Brien, MD
    Carlos A. Omphroy, MD
    Mark F. Ozog, MD
    David J. Palmer, MD
    Joel A. Pearlman, MD
    David A. Plager, MD
    Mary V. Pratt, MD
    Sushil K. Premchand
    Norman D. Radtke, MD
    Dundoo Raghunandan, MD
    Leela V. Raju, MD
    Brian D. Ranelle, DO
    Adam C. Reynolds, MD
    H. Miller Richert II, MD
    Philip and Tracey Rizzuto
    Jeffrey S. Robin, MD
    Rene S. Rodriguez-Sains, MD
    Harvey S. Rosenblum, MD, FACS
    Steven E. Rubin, MD
    Daniel P. Schaefer, MD, FACS
    Gail Schmidt, MD
    Teresa Shenouda, MD
    Janet B. Serle, MD
    Eric Shakin, MD, FACS
    Philip Shands, MD
    Victoria M. Sheffield
    Edward E. Shubert, MD
    Rhea and R. Michael Siatkowski
    Chasidy D. Singleton, MD
    Lori Stec, MD
    Abraham W. Suhr, MD
    Clement C. Y. Tham, FRCS, MBBS, FCOPHTHHK
    John W. Thomas, MD
    John T. Thompson, MD
    David K. Wallace, MD, MPH
    Ted H. Wojno, MD
    Zbigniew F. Zagorski, MD


    $100 – $249

    Aazy A. Aaby, MD
    Evelyn Ackermann, MD
    Daniel M. Albert, MD
    Lisa Brothers Arbisser, MD and Amir Arbisser, MD
    Joe F. Arterberry, MD
    Tracy C. Baltz, MD
    Gaetano R. Barile, MD
    Suzanne R. Bass
    Deloris W. Bell, MD
    Wayne E. Bennett, MD
    Jerry R. Blair, MD, PhD
    John G. P. Boatwright Jr., MD
    Angela R. Bratton, MD
    William E. Bruner II, MD
    The David Bryie Family and the Sam Bryie Family
    Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Cantrill
    Antonio Capone Jr., MD
    Stephen D. Carlton
    Emmett F. Carpel, MD
    Naveen S. Chandra, MD
    Andrew P. Chen, MD
    Peter T. Chen, MD
    Neil T. Choplin, MD
    Louis J. Chorich, MD
    Thomas A. Ciulla, MD
    Kenneth Cohn, MD
    Ann Cole
    Charles Cole, MD
    Al and Lesley Connor
    Karen Cristello
    John P. Curnyn and Kathy Roller
    Daniel L. Dale, MD
    Mark E. Drabkin, MD
    John T. Dugan II, MD
    K. David Epley, MD
    Gil A. Epstein, MD
    William C. Felch Jr.
    Laura C. Fine, MD
    Stuart and Ellie Fine
    Dr. and Mrs. William J. Fishkind
    Jill Annette Foster, MD, FACS
    Leslie P. Fox, MD, FACS
    Suzanne K. Freitag, MD
    Scott M. Friedman, MD
    Deborah L. Fyffe, MD
    David L. Gano, MD
    Sidney K. Gicheru, MD
    The Gilfillan Family
    Ravi D. Goel, MD
    Thomas A. Graul, MD
    Sanjay D. Goel, MD
    Laura K. Green, MD
    Paul S. Greenfield, MD
    Erich Bryan Groos, MD
    Peter G. Gross, MD, PhD
    Chirag K. Gupta, MD
    Keith G. Gurland, MD
    Thomas S. Harbin, MD, MBA
    Lori A. Harkins, MD
    Annamarie Hastings and Family
    Jeffrey D. Henderer, MD
    Philip C. Hessburg, MD
    Aaron C. Holtebeck, MD
    Francis G. Hurite, MD
    Robert K. Hutchins, MD
    Edward K. Isbey Jr., MD
    Andrew George Iwach, MD
    Deborah S. Jacobs, MD
    Jonathan C. Javitt, MD, MPH
    John D. Jones, MD
    Karen M. Joos, MD, PhD
    S. Anna Kao, MD
    Adam H. Kaufman, MD
    James E. Key II, MD
    Rahul Khurana, MD
    Daniel F. Kiernan, MD
    Sylvia R. Kodsi, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Paul A. Kohlhepp
    Angela M. Kozak, DO
    Usha R. Kumar, MD
    Gregory P. Kwasny, MD, OCS
    Janice C. Law, MD
    Linda M. Lawrence, MD
    E. Clifford Lazzaro, MD
    Barry J. Leader, MD
    Howard M. Lebowitz, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lesser
    Ira K. Levine, MD
    Jennifer I. Lim, MD
    Ann Yuan-Hwa Lin, MD
    Jeffrey L. Lipkowitz, MD
    Jonathan C. Lowry, MD
    Raj S. Lucas, MD
    Jonathan I. Macy, MD
    Helga O. Magargal, MD
    Muneera Mahmood, MD
    Tom S. Mattox, MD
    Joe R. McFarlane Jr., MD
    Aaron M. Miller, MD, MBA
    Eydie G. Miller-Ellis, MD
    Gale and John Montgomery
    Susan K. Mosier, MD
    Kyle Norton
    Eric D. Nudleman, MD
    Tom Obertynski, MD
    Mildred M. G. Olivier, MD
    Millicent Palmer, MD
    Elliot L. Perlman, MD
    John D. Peters, MD
    Terri Pickering, MD
    Jody R. Piltz, MD
    Jonathan L. Prenner, MD
    Edward L. Raab, MD
    Christolyn N. Rajakulenthiran, MBBS
    James G. Ravin, MD
    John W. Reed, MD
    William J. Reinhart, MD
    Bibiana J. Reiser, MD
    Michael X. Repka, MD, MBA
    John G. Rezapour, MD
    Stella M. and James D. Robertson
    Edward J. Rockwood, MD
    Susan Ruyle, MD
    Carolyn M. Sakauye, MD
    Andrew P. Schachat, MD
    Barry M. Scher, MD
    Gerald R. Schultz, MD
    Linda A. Schumacher-Feero, MD
    David M. Schwartz, MD
    Samuel Scime, MD
    Jennifer T. Scruggs, MD
    Samuel Solish, MD
    Jennie Spadafora
    Debra J. Shetlar, MD
    Oluwatosin U. Smith, MD
    Alan E. Solinsky, MD
    John D. Sheppard, MD
    John R. Stechschulte, MD
    Hugh R. Taylor, MD, FRANZCO
    Rebecca J. Taylor, MD
    Christina and Dennis Thomatos
    John B. Thompson, MD
    George C. Thorne Jr., MD
    Michael C. Tigani, MD
    Jonathan S. Till, MD
    James E. Threatt, MD
    David E. Townes, MD
    Kevin W. Treacy, MD
    Mary M. Varn, MD
    James L. Vendeland, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Wilson K. Wallace
    Mark K. Walsh, MD
    William Thomas Walton, MD
    Robert William Wehner, MD, PhD
    Margaret T. Wheat-Carter, MD
    Richard H. Whitten Jr., MD
    Kevin P. Wienkers, MD
    Janey Lee Wiggs, MD, PhD
    Ira G. Wong, MD
    Drs. Li Wu and Jingtai Cao
    Kathleen O. Yamaguchi, MD
    Shawyin Yee-Armah, MD
    James P. Znajda, MD


    Up to $99

    William S. Atkins, MD
    Shehzad Batliwala, DO
    John and Vicky Bean
    Peter and Jennifer Beaulieu
    Evann Bragg
    Reidun M. Bringsjord and Liv Marit Bell
    Kathleen and Gary Brodnan
    Wilma Krause Brucker, MD
    James A. Bryan III, MD
    D. Alan Chandler, MD
    Julie and John Cohen
    Edward M. Cohn, MD
    Scott A. Davis, MD
    Michael and Helen Dawley
    Ira I. Eliasoph, MD
    Arnold L. Fish
    Jeffrey and Penny Ford
    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuller
    Abigail Greber
    Brett Gudgel, MD
    Cathy Hamma
    Mark and Tess Helm
    Natasha L. Herz, MD
    Andrew H. Huck, MD
    Beverly and Ronald Jackson
    Pushpa Karna
    Craig K. King, MD
    Gerald S. Kolbert, MD
    Stanley M. Kopelow, MD
    Nancy Landen-Russo
    Curtis and Kathleen Landin
    Kim S. Landzberg, MD
    Alex Lebowitz
    William and Barbara Lohmeier
    Tim Losch
    Nathan H. Miller
    Gerta Mane, MD
    Jim and Linda Mueller
    Emanuel Newmark, MD, FACS
    Jean A. O’Connor
    Angela Rodriguez
    Jerome Ross, MD
    The Schaefer Family
    Norbert and Peggy Schneider
    David L. Schwartzfarb, MD
    Liz Sharpe
    Ray and Dodie Shields
    Richard L. Sogg, MD
    Bob and Betty Stenzel
    Regina L. Sun, MD
    Randy and Mary Louise Tinkham and Family
    Rayna Ungersma
    James P. Weeks, MD
    Debra M. Wolff
    Tammy L. Yanovitch, MD
    Jeffrianne S. Young, MD



    List updated as of December 31, 2019.