• Estate and Planned Giving

    B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD“Throughout my 48-year career as an ophthalmologist, the Academy has been a very important part of my life. It is exceedingly important that we support the Academy and its Foundation so that others who come after us will have the same opportunities we have had. I encourage you to consider a bequest to the Foundation and become a member of the Legacy Society. I made a bequest several years ago because the Academy has been part of my ‘family’ for decades. I could do no less and hope you feel the same.”
    - B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD



    To inform us of an estate or planned gift, or to receive a free guide, complete our Legacy Society form.

    Questions? Please contact Todd Lyckberg at 415.447.0361 or tlyckberg@aao.org

    Please note that the suggested language supplied here does not constitute legal advice and is not to be construed as legal advice in any manner. Please consult your tax and/or legal advisors concerning the best way for you to provide for the Academy Foundation in your estate plan.

    Charitable donations to the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology are tax deductible as provided by law. It is the policy of the Foundation that a portion of the gifts and/or income there from is used to defray the costs of raising and administering the funds. The Foundation has been established as a 501(c)(3) for conducting non-profit, charitable, educational, and scientific activities.

    Legacy Society

    The Legacy Society honors those who, with special foresight and generosity, have included the Foundation in their long-term gift plans through a bequest, life-income gift or other gift-planning arrangement. 

    Donald H. Beisner, MD
    A. Jan Berlin, MD, FACS
    John F. Bigger Jr., MD
    Wilford Van Buskirk
    Richard P. Carroll, MD
    George A. Clark, MD
    Arthur M. Clements, MD
    David N. Cohen, MD
    Timothy B. Crane, MD
    Paul P. Dunn, MD
    H. MacKenzie Freeman, MD
    George E. Garcia, MD
    Betty A. Hagaman, MD
    Lewis G. Harmon, MD
    Michael J. Hawes, MD, FACS
    Marnix E. Heersink, MD
    B. Thomas Hutchinson, MD and June Hutchinson
    Jonathan Javitt, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Allan D. Jensen
    Juan A. Jurado, MD
    Jonathan M. Kagan, MD
    Joseph Kurstin, MD
    Maurice H. Luntz, MD, FACS
    Ricardo J. Nieves, MD
    Charles A. Peter, MD
    John G. Rezapour, MD
    F. Tempel Riekhof, MD
    Henry G. Ring, MD, FACS
    William M. Rowlett, MD
    Samuel Scime, MD
    Julius C. Sozanski, MD
    Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Spivey
    Gary B. Stanford, MD
    Marion Joseph Stoj, MD
    Daniel M. Taylor, MD
    Stanley M. Truhlsen, MD
    Michael A. Wainstock, MD
    Bruce Wasserman, MD
    George W. Weinstein, MD
    Floyd L. Wergeland Jr., MD
    Jack Wolper, MD
    Donald N. Zehl, MD
    Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Lorenz E. Zimmerman
    Jose L. Zubero, MD

    This list acknowledges bequest expectancies and other planned charitable gifts that we have been notified of through December 31, 2015.