• Comprehensive Ophthalmology

    Alcon has launched three new products in its line of vitreoretinal surgical instruments: Ultravit high-speed vitrectomy probes, 27+ vitrectomy packs with a full range of 27-gauge instrumentation, and the Finesse Flex Loop.

    According to Alcon, the Ultravit high-speed vitrectomy probes offer enhanced stiffness, control, flow and surgical versatility. The 27+ package is designed for use with Alcon’s Constellation Vision System and offers surgeons exceptional access to the small tissue areas of the eye while providing a probe stiffness experience similar to 25+ to allow for better control during procedures. The Finesse Flex Loop, available in 23-, 25- and 27-gauge, has a proprietary Nitinol Loop designed to optimize internal limiting membrane and epiretinal membrane edge creation and also features a retractable tip that allows for an adjustable stiffness profile.