• Alcon

    Alcon has launched a new platform for digitally  assisted vitreoretinal  surgery, the NGENUITY 3D Visualization System, featuring a  high-definition 3D viewing screen linked to an HDR camera to give surgeons a real-time  panoramic view of the posterior segment  with  depth perception.  

    The camera can also  magnify without decreasing the field of view or  add filters for contrast, while using less light than other visualization systems. The company states that the microscope-free, heads-up design allows for less fatigue and improved teaching, as  the entire operating team may  see  what previously only the surgeon could.  

    “This digital platform offers more than just enhanced visualization. It will impact our therapies and the way we manipulate tissue,” said  Allen Ho,  MD, director of Retina Research at Wills Eye Hospital.  “The easier it is for surgeons to perform these long, delicate surgeries, the better they can perform for our patients who count on us to provide them with the best possible care.”  

    The NGENUITY system is a collaboration with TrueVision  3D Surgical, and is expected to be available in the U.S. and parts of Europe on Friday, Sept. 15.