• Bausch & Lomb

    Bausch & Lomb announced that is has acquired an option to license from Mimetogen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an investigational compound currently in Phase 2 development for the treatment of dry eye syndrome.

    The companies say the compound, MIM-D3, has the potential to be the first TrkA agonist available. MIM-D3 stimulates the production of mucin.

    Phase 2 study results for MIM-D3 demonstrated that the use of MIM-D3 twice a day results in consistent improvements across multiple dry eye signs and symptoms with no safety or tolerability issues. A Phase 3 study is scheduled to begin before the end of 2013, which will be conducted by Ora, Inc.

    While mucins are essential for lubrication; the removal of allergen, pathogens, and debris; and corneal epithelial healing to reduce ocular surface damage, MIM-D3 may have benefits beyond those of currently available dry eye therapies, including the potential to improve neural function, which may improve corneal sensitivity and integrity.

    "If proven effective, this compound could offer an exciting new therapeutic option for this increasingly common condition," said Penny A. Asbell, MD, professor of ophthalmology at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and director of the Cornea Service and Refractive Surgery Center.