• Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

    Santen has filed an application with the U.S. FDA to begin clinical studies of an anti-endoglin antibody to treat wet AMD.

    Endoglin is a protein overexpressed on proliferating endothelial cells that is essential for angiogenesis. Santen originally developed its anti-endoglin antibody, TRC105, to treat multiple solid tumor types in combination with VEGF inhibitors. This new ophthalmic formulation of TRC105, called DE-122, is also expected to be used combination with anti-VEGF therapy.

     “Our experience combining TRC105 with inhibitors of the VEGF pathway in cancer patients suggests that the development of DE-122 in wet AMD, where VEGF inhibitors are the established standard of care, has the potential to offer patients who receive little or no benefit from current therapy an important new treatment option,” said Charles Theuer, MD, PhD, president and CEO of Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Santen’s partner.