• Haag-Streit UK

    Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd has obtained European CE Mark approval for its Retinal Rejuvenation Therapy (2RT) laser to treat early AMD.

    2RT delivers nanosecond pulses of laser energy to stimulate a process of cellular rejuvenation to preserve or improve functional vision, reducing disease progression.

    “Unlike current treatments, which only target the late-stage complications associated with AMD, with 2RT we aim to treat the disease before complications set in,” said Tom Spurling, Ellex CEO. “With the CE Mark now in place we will commence our commercial program with a limited roll-out of the 2RT laser to a number of key clinical sites. This is a necessary step in validating and expanding upon the clinical findings we so far have for 2RT and will ultimately support a wider roll-out of the product and future sales growth.”