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    The European Commission has approved Iridex’s Cyclo G6 laser system to perform cyclodestructive procedures in multiple stages of glaucoma.

    The laser features the company’s MicroPulse technology which controls thermal elevation by “chopping” a continuous-wave laser beam into a train of repetitive short pulses allowing tissue to cool between pulses and reduce thermal buildup preventing visible tissue damage.

    The laser system, approved in the United States last year, will be sold with 2 disposable probes. The MicroPulse P3 probe to treat a broad range of glaucoma patients and the G-Probe for patients with later-stage disease. Iridex plans to introduce additional probes in the coming year to allow for additional applications in glaucoma treatment.

    "This regulatory approval marks a milestone for the glaucoma community and strengthens our portfolio to treat patients with difficult glaucoma conditions who need fast relief from uncontrolled eye pressure" said Dr. Keith Barton, consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital. "Some studies of the Cyclo G6 have shown a 30-40% reduction in intraocular pressure (IOP) so this is a very promising therapy for our patients. In addition, the ability to reduce IOP without incisions nor using implants in a quick procedure is very attractive, as is the repeatability, potentially extending the time before more invasive measures are required."