• Envisia Therapeutics

    Interim phase 2 results of an extended-release formulation of travoprost (ENV515) showed a favorable safety profile and sustained IOP reduction up to 3 months.

    "Envisia's extended delivery approach, leading to sustained IOP control without any loss of efficacy over time, may dramatically change the way we treat glaucoma in the majority of our patients," said Thomas Walters, MD, the lead investigator of the trial.

    ENV515 is a fully biodegradable nanoparticle formulation of travoprost designed to lower IOP for more than six months from a single dose. If successful, the new formulation could potentially address the issue of poor patient compliance.

    The ongoing 12-month open-label trial evaluated a low dose of ENV515, showing a 27% drop in IOP from baseline, which was comparable to twice-daily timolol administered to the non-study eye. A previous 28-day evaluation of a high dosage of ENV515 demonstrated results comparable to topical once-daily travoprost.

    ENV515 was well tolerated and no serious adverse events were observed. There was no change in corneal endothelial cell counts or corneal thickness.