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  • CenterVue

    CenterVue announced that the U.S. FDA has cleared the Eidon true-color confocal scanner for marketing.

    The company says the device is the first, fully-automated retinal imaging system with the ability to obtain real color images through a small pupil.

    The device uses confocal imaging and white light illumination to provide better contrast and image quality compared with traditional fundus cameras, according to the company.

    Eidon’s optics allow imaging over a viewing angle of up to 110 degrees. Multiple imaging modalities – true-color, red-free, and infrared – provide information concerning different layers of the retina. The device can be used automatically or manually, with or without pupil dilation.

    “The confocal aperture provides sharp visualization of detail,” says Professor Giovanni Staurenghi, Eye Clinic Director at the University of Milano and Sacco Hospital. “Confocal white light technology allows us to obtain real color images through a small pupil. The infrared light images detect what the human eye is not able to see.”