• Imprimis Pharmaceuticals
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology

    MKO Melt is an oral sedative compound of midazolam, ketamine and ondansetron that dissolves under the patient’s tongue. Imprimis is marketing the tablet as an alternative option to IV for conscious sedation for patients undergoing ocular surgery.

    The tablet dissolves in approximately 2 minutes and peaks about 15 minutes later, delivery steady sedation that requires less monitoring than traditional IV medications.

    A co-developer of the MKO Melt, John Berdahl, MD, stated, "It is one of the best things we have done for the patient experience, not to mention the surgeon and nurses experience.  I love the predictable level of sedation." In a recent article published in Ophthalmology Management, Dr. Berdahl added that less time struggling to start IVs means he can perform an extra surgery or two per day. He also believes drastically reducing the number of IVs used has saved his practice money as well.

    Imprimis also introduced a new antibiotic, steroid and nonsteroidal combination LessDrops topical formulation for use after LASIK, cataract and other procedures: Pred-Moxi-Nepafenac (prednisolone acetate, moxifloxacin hydrochloride and nepafenac) combination eye drop, bringing the company’s line of proprietary combination LessDrops topical formulations to 4: Pred-Moxi, Pred-Ketor, Pred-Moxi-Ketor and now Pred-Moxi-Nepafenac.

    The company hopes this approach will lower medication costs and increase patient compliance by streamlining post-op self-administered care.