• Leica Microsystems and TrueVision 3D Surgical announced that they have integrated components of TrueVision's digital stereoscopic imaging and guidance platform with some models of Leica ophthalmic surgical microscopes. The new platform is designed to integrate intelligent 3D guidance software for astigmatic correction and advanced IOL placement. These new products will be marketed under the Leica brand.

    The 3D digital integrated microscope can run TrueVision's Refractive Cataract Toolset application. The toolset generates guidance templates in real-time using preoperative data and advanced algorithms. Surgeons view the 3D live image on the microscope's HD flat panel display with computer-generated overlays for dynamic guidance with eye tracking during surgery.

    The TrueVision digital 3D system is completely integrated with the Leica M844 and M822 ophthalmic surgical microscopes when equipped with the Leica F40 stand. The system features a 10-megapixel HD 3D camera in the optics carrier, 64-bit image processing unit contained within the chassis, and dual passive stereo LED-based LCD displays ranging in size from 23 to 32 inches with articulating arms mounted on the microscope base.

    The 3D-enabled surgical microscopes are capable of displaying the surgical field of view with 3D guidance and digital overlays on secondary 2D or 3D displays in the operating room.