• Iridex

    Iridex announced that its TxCell Scanning Laser Delivery System, which offers multi-spot laser delivery, has received both FDA and CE Mark clearance.

    Iridex says its system can save significant time in a variety of laser photocoagulation procedures by allowing physicians to deliver the laser in a multi-spot scanning mode.

    Combined with an Iridex IQ 532 or IQ 577 laser enabled with MicroPulse technology, the TxCell offers three modalities: multi-spot scanning, standard single-spot and MicroPulse laser therapy. Initial shipments are underway.

    "Broadening market acceptance for medical technologies typically involves effective clinical results, ease of use for the physicians and more efficient use of time," stated Iridex President and CEO Will Moore. "TxCell can deliver all three benefits and is an important step in accelerating the adoption of our proprietary MicroPulse technology as it applies to several clinical procedures."