• Nicox Inc.
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Retina/Vitreous

    Nicox Inc. this week launched RetnaGene nationally in the United States.

    The portfolio includes RetnaGene AMD and RetnaGene LR – specialized genetic tests that assess an individual’s risk for advanced AMD. In January, Sequenom granted Nicox Inc. exclusive promotion and marking rights for its portfolio tests.

    The RetnaGene AMD test assesses the risk for wet AMD within 2, 5, and ten years in patients age 55 and older, with early or intermediate dry AMD. The RetnaGene LR test assesses the lifetime risk of advanced AMD, wet or dry, in patients who have not been diagnosed with AMD, age 55 and older, and/or with a family history of AMD.

    Both tests evaluate genotype and other known risk factors, giving a complete assessment of a patient’s individual risk for developing advanced AMD.