• Rayner
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Rayner, the first IOL manufacturer, this week announced the European launch of RayOne, a preloaded IOL that inserts through sub 2.2 mm incisions.

    Using patented “Lock & Roll” technology, the 6 mm lens is rolled up to less than half its size before pushing it forward into the fully enclosed cartridge, which the company says enable smooth, consistent injection with minimum force and maximum control. The 1.65 mm nozzle is parallel-sided for minimal stretch, supporting wound-in lens injection.

    The RayOne is a new version of the existing C-Flex and Superflex platforms, and is available in both spheric and aberration-neutral aspheric optics from -10.00 to +34.0 D. RayOne has received CE mark approval. RayOne toric, trifocal and hydrophobic acrylic versions are due out next year.