• Haag-Streit

    Haag-Streit UK has introduced the Hi-R NEO 900 ophthalmic surgical microscope. It features a large (25 mm) stereo base and an integrated display that allows instant feedback on all important settings, such as focus position, zoom, X-Y coupling and level of illumination.

    The microscope also has a magnetic, integrated inclination mechanism that ranges from -70° to +90°, and an adjustable red reflex enhancer designed to work well at lower illumination levels.

    The Hi-R NEO 900 can also be equipped with a completely integrated 0° assistant microscope, which has 12.5x oculars and its own magnification changer.  

    "As a fully-modular system, accessories can be added to the microscope, as and when required, including observers, cameras, recording systems and foot switches," commented Steve Derham, Haag-Streit UK product manager.  "In addition, the EIBOS 2 ophthalmoscopic system and the TOCULAR wide-angle ocular can be seamlessly added. The microscope is also compatible with Haag-Streit Surgical's innovative intraoperative OCT camera (iOCT)."