• STAAR Surgical Co.
    Refractive Mgmt/Intervention

    STAAR Surgical Co. announced that its Visian Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) with CentraFLOW technology is now approved for marketing in China.

    The new ICL features a proprietary port in the center of the ICL optic designed to optimize the flow of fluid in the eye without affecting the patient’s quality of vision. Additionally, use of the CentraFLOW eliminates the need to perform a YAG peripheral iridotomy procedure within days of ICL implantation, according to the press release.

    The company reports that nearly 20,000 implantations with Visian CentraFLOW technology have been performed in Europe.

    “We now have the opportunity to expand our share and growth in China, which included a 27% ICL revenue growth milestone in the most recent quarter,” said Don Todd, president of the Asia Pacific Region of STAAR Surgical.

    “China is currently the largest market in the world for refractive procedures and the approval of the Visian ICL with the CentraFLOW technology builds on the momentum of our already quickly growing line of ICL products in this important focus market."

    The ICL can treat refractive errors from -0.5 to -18.0 D in myopic eyes and +0.5 cylinder power to +6.0 with the toric models.