• Aldeyra Therapeutics
    Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Cornea/External Disease

    Aldeyra Therapeutics announced that their aldehyde-binding eye drop showed it can significantly reduce ocular itching and tearing.

    Aldehyde trapping is thought to reduce inflammation, promote healing, diminish scarring and protect a key lipid that serves to prevent tissue dryness.

    In the randomized Phase 2a clinical trial, 100 patients with a 2-year history of allergic conjunctivitis to grass, tree or ragweed pollen were tested in a conjunctival allergen provocation test (CAPT) model of allergic conjunctivitis. Treated patients experienced significantly reduced ocular itching and tearing compared to vehicle (P<0.05), with durable effects throughout all time points during the CAPT challenge.

    “To our knowledge, the data from this clinical trial represent the first example of clinical efficacy of an aldehyde trap in human disease. We are thrilled with the outcome of this trial and believe that the results suggest important insight into the physiology of inflammation and further applicability of aldehyde trapping in the treatment of inflammatory disease,” said Todd C. Brady, MD, PhD, president and CEO of Aldeyra.

    A phase 2 clinical trial for treatment in patients with noninfectious anterior uveitis is currently underway.