• Biolase, Inc., and Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc.
    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    Biolase, Inc., and Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc., are developing a new robotic cataract-removal system. The product is expected to feature Biolase’s patented WaterLase YSGG all-tissue atraumatic cutting technology mounted on a unique robotic operating system manufactured by Auris.

    The goal is to improve the precision, safety and predictability of cataract-removal procedures, similar to the way other telerobotic systems have enhanced the therapeutic effectiveness of procedures, such as prostatectomy and fibroidectomy. Development currently is in the feasibility and prototyping phase.

    "We evaluated a variety of advanced cutting technologies for use in our robotic cataract-removal system," said Frederic Moll, MD, chairman and CEO of Auris. "For cutting precision, system compatibility and lack of tissue trauma, we found significant advantages in using Biolase's Waterlase technology. We anticipate that our system will have major advantages over traditional phacoemulsification and should create a new standard for safety, speed and effectiveness in cataract removal."