• EyeGate Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
    Retina/Vitreous, Uveitis

    Valeant Pharmaceuticals International has signed a licensing agreement with EyeGate Pharmaceuticals for its EyeGate II Delivery System, a potential alternative to eye drops and injections for anterior uveitis.

    Using transscleral iontophoresis, the system is designed to deliver optimal quantities of the company’s corticosteroid product (EGP-437) directly into targeted ocular tissues in the anterior and posterior segments.

     “We believe that the iontophoretic delivery of EGP-437 via the EyeGate II Delivery System represents a compelling new approach to the treatment of uveitis that could improve patient outcomes through increased adherence,” said Stephen From, president and CEO of EyeGate.

    Under the agreement, which includes exclusive worldwide commercial and manufacturing rights in the field of uveitis and a right of last negotiation to license the product for other indications, EyeGate will receive an upfront cash payment, royalties and payments at various milestones, including FDA approval.

    A phase 1b/2a trial of the delivery system and corticosteroid product in macular edema launched this month, with the intent of enrolling up to 20 patients with retinal vein occlusion, diabetic macular edema or postop cystoid macular edema.

    “We believe that EGP-437 represents a potential game changer in the treatment of macular edema and may provide a viable noninvasive alternative to the current standard of care,” said Mr. From.