• ThromboGenics

    ThromboGenics NV announced that the European Commision has approved Jetrea (Ocriplasmin), the first pharmacological treatment for symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion. The approval includes cases in which vitreomacular traction is associated with a macular hole with a diameter of 400 µm or less.

    The recommended dosage is a single, 0.125mg (0.1mL) intravitreal injection of the diluted solution to the affected eye. The drug comes in a single-use vial containing 0.5 mg in 0.2mL solution.

    Ocriplasmin (microplasmin) was approved in the U.S. in October 2012. a small molecule designed specifically for use in the eye, it is believed to primarily target the fibronectin, laminin and type IV collagen fibers that adhere the vitreous to the retina.