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    1.  I'm an Academy member and yet I can't get access to the ICD-10 areas of the practice management section? What's going on?

    You need to be an AAOE member to access ICD-10 as it is a practice management tool. Learn the benefits of becoming an AAOE member.

    2.  How do I return to the www.aao.org home page?

    Click the insignia/logo located just under the main menu items.

    3.  I can’t login to the Academy Store. What should I do?

    Login first at www.aao.org and then click on the Academy Store.

    4.  Why is it that in order to successfully login I have to reset my password every time?

    This is an indication of a discrepancy in your account record. Nonmembers should email customer_service@aao.org.

    5.  How do I get a copy of an invoice/receipt?

    6.  I created an account online for an Academy member. Why can’t I see member pricing in the Academy Store?

    The newly created account is a duplicate account and considered a nonmember record. You must login under the member’s existing account for member benefits to be accessible. Contact member_services@aao.org for more assistance.

    7.  How can I add AAO.org to the homescreen for my mobile device?

    Follow these steps to pin AAO.org to the home screen of your mobile device for quick and easy access:


      1. Launch Chrome for Android and navigate to AAO.org.
      2. Tap the menu button and select Add to homescreen.

    Add to homescreen on Android phones

      1. Enter a name for the shortcut.
      2. The AAO icon will now appear on your homescreen.

    iPhone and iPad

      1. Launch the Safari browser and navigate to AAO.org. 
      2. Tap the Share button on the browser’s toolbar. 

    Share icon on iphone mobile

      1. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu.

    Add to homescreen on iPhone

      1. Name the shortcut and tap the Add button.
      2. The AAO icon will now appear on your homescreen.