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    Cataract/Anterior Segment

    AcrySof single-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOL (Alcon Laboratories). In this pair of cadaver-eye micrographs, perfectly positioned single-piece hydrophobic acrylic IOLs reside within the capsular bag. The whitish material represents regenerating cortex, which would have grown to form Soemmering ring. a. Very thorough cortical removal was achieved, and very little cortical regeneration has taken place. b. A capsule with a greater degree of regenerated cortex indicating possibly poorer cortical removal, or much more likely, a greater passage of time between IOL implantation and specimen collection. While this design has several advantages over traditional 3 piece IOLs, placement of this lens outside of the capsular bag can result in uveal chafing, with pigmentary glaucoma and recurrent hyphema as potential complications of a malposition.